1. Gubben

    Looking for a Developer for AtomCMS and Nitro

    Hello everyone, I have created an hotel named Gubba, The hotel is for scandinavian people seeing how it seem there were none in existent and we have a broad player-base that are waiting to get back on the hotel, meaning Norwegian-Sweden-Denmark. I'm looking for a developer who can help me out...
  2. Hobba

    MyCoke/CokeMusic/CokeStudios - FULL SOURCE RELEASE

    Hi guys, I thought it would be a good idea to share here the files that I've come across that are VERY HARD TO FIND! I don't know if there's any older folks here who played, but CokeStudios was a game made by Sulake similar to Habbo Hotel that was ran by Coca-Cola. I have decided to release all...
  3. paswrd

    Casper ~ The Nostalgic Experience

    I am happy to announce Casper Hotels return into the retro scene! After the departure back in 2010-2012 from the PHPRetro days we've finally opened our doors earlier last year at Casper is your gateway to the nostalgic golden era of Habbo Hotel (2007-2010). Immerse yourself...
  4. M

    Exposing the Epidemic: AFK Bots in Retro Hotels

    Hey DevBest Community, It's time to shed some light on a concerning trend that's been sweeping through the retro hotel community: the use of AFK bots. You may have noticed an influx of hotels boasting about their impressive player counts, but how many of those players are actually engaged and...
  5. N

    Cloudflare SSL & HTTPS Issue

    I connected my domain and server via Cloudflare to create Habbo retro, but there is such a problem. I can easily log in to the site with HTTP://, but it still gives a warning that it is not secure. When I log in with HTTPS://, it gives a security warning again and this time it takes me to the...
  6. itszzpetalzz

    Habflash Hotel - Your virtual world experience

    deleted thread
  7. Noel0164

    Recruiting Is Hiring!

    Heyy. My name is Noël, i am the owner of Swift. I am not here to tell you how great my retro is, i am not here to brag that i am the best, i am here to show you the difference between me and my competition!. Tomorrow evening will be online, and i need active members. not...
  8. S

    [DEV] Havana - theallseeingeye/Hobbanet Housekeeping

    Hi everyone! Welcome to the development thread of a Housekeeping project for Havana. For now the project it's not finished 100%, and I think was deprecated to do a release for production at the moment. Features Login/Session Save and show last login IP from HK Save and show last login time...
  9. Hobba

    Recruiting Hiring Hotel Staff

    It's 2024! A new year for a brand new hotel, join us on our adventure at Hobba! We are a new habbo hotel retro seeking staff for the following positions: Moderators - Moderators are needed on the hotel to provide a safe environment, respond to help calls, player issues, scam reports, etc. Room...
  10. Bodhi

    Brain cms 1.8.1 problem table db

    Hi, I have a problem whit brain cms 1.8.1, look the screen pls and tell me if u can help me for resolve this problem. Thanks all, PS: Sorry for my english, i'm french.
  11. MayoMayn

    Apex HTML5

    Modern full-fledged & high-performance Habbo HTML5 retro powered by TypeScript Deepkit μWebSockets Angular Scuti I've created a feedback/roadmap where you can request features/integrations you want. The UI will be inspired by
  12. M

    Recruiting Hiring staff & team members for ongoing project

    I have recently opened a brand new hotel, which I am now looking for people to fill specific roles. I am working hard alongside our full time Developer to make sure things are progressing in a positive way. But we can't cover every role. I am searching for: Graphic Designers/Pixel Artists -...
  13. M

    Recruiting Hiring a Developer

    Hi! Me and my friend Jord are interested in creating a hotel and we're looking for an experienced Developer who can take the lead in the technical department of our project. Funding for the server and everything else required will be covered by the both of us. You'll be paid a monthly wage if...
  14. Dumbledore

    Recruiting Hiring Event Hosts & Moderators

    Hello, I currently manage a very nice professional hotel which is owned and founded by my good friend. We are just finishing up some final touches so everything is spectacular on grand launch as the hotel isn't accessible to the public currently. But following the game plan, we'll also need...
  15. Object

    Retro scripts

    Hello DevBest 👋 Just another quick release, that I figured might be useful to some people, This release is a repository of scripts that can improve your hotel / ease the process of doing so. All the scripts will only work for Arcturus MS Catalog page sorter: The catalog sorter script, is a...
  16. Banditcello99

    Search for some help!

    Dear Dev, I am looking for someone who can help me start a habbo retro in the technical field. I had a lot of experience with the r63b but with the new systems I don't understand it anymore. I have a vps and domain name ready, I speak Dutch and English. so you like to teach and help me. send me...
  17. BearKuda

    [Swf+.Nitro] Toxic Trophies

    Have you ever wanted to send someone toxic a message? or send a cheeky friend a gift? Habbo came out with a green slime looking badge that said "toxic" and I wanted to make a furni out of it. Download Google Drive Furnibuilder I really enjoy reading feedback from the community! Please...
  18. S

    Nohabbo searching for Italian/german community manager The retro gaming community is in decline, but at Nohabbo, we're determined to change that! Our virtual hotel is perfect for anyone who wants to relive the fun and excitement of the past. We're taking a fresh approach to advertising, using funny memes and real-life stickers to bring...
  19. smokes

    Recruiting Looking to recruit a long term Developer

    Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read my post. We recently set out on a project to build a Habbo retro that would be different and more fun and interactive for users. The hotel is up and working but not open to the public as of yet, as it's not finished or where we want it to be. We as the...
  20. blk_Kyat

    [.Nitro] 8 Dragon Ball Z Fountains (Animated!) - Blk_Kyat's Custom Furni

    Hello Fellow Bobba's! These didn't turn out as good as I wanted but they still serve a purpose! (The animated image may take a moment to show) (You will have to make the cata icons) ---------------- Download ----------------