1. 439

    Stealing furniture

    Hello guys, it’s me again. uhm I have this problem where a retro keeps stealing custom made furnitures from my retro like they even copied my price list, they keep stealing my customs and won’t stop to do so. :-( I’m very sad about this. Like I don’t want credits or even money from them.. I just...
  2. Purewinter

    Local Gaming Repack (Multiple servers pre-setup ready to play) NOOB FRIENDLY //nitro/arcturus/customs/flash/shockwave/

    Local Gaming Repack Update: Added video tutorial for setup of arcturus, nitro, flash, ams and customs in under 2 mins for extreme noob friendly!!! Hey everyone, Hopefully this gives the community a little boost enabling newer users to get started easier. Used to play back in old school days...
  3. N

    Locating the file

    does anyone know where these can be edited out? http://localhost/templates/brain/style/images/icons/online/.png http://localhost/templates/brain/style/images/icons/online/.png...
  4. K

    Need help import .htaccess

    I am missing "Import rules" in URL rewrite. How can I import my .htaccess file? Thanks for help.
  5. Hangout - Over 1 Year Running / Group Chat / DDOS Protected / NITRO HTML5 BETA / LEVELING SYSTEM PLUGIN

    Hangout is a International retro, Experience fun action commands with your friends,In-Game Group Chat! (New!) movie night in-client using youtube link ,free and updated clothings, and an active & friendly community! Just some brief history about the name Back in 2010, I opened a hotel under the...
  6. C

    Habbflo - We're back! R63b - Custom badges - Camera

    Click Here to play! Hello all! Habbflo is back. If you don't remember us, we were around from 2008-2012 and had a pretty big hotel and community at the time. There's still quite a few youtube videos around, for example We've got a ton of features, such as our fully working camera and photo...
  7. Tiwi

    Flash Vap Hotel - New Fun and Welcoming Community Vap Hotel is brand new, having just opened to the public yesterday! Our team of BETA testers have work hard for the past week to make sure Vap is ready and perfect for our first public users! We run Plus Emulator paired with a classic RevCMS design, with some light edits. We are...
  8. Kanly

    [Maint Mode] Habjet Maintenance Mode v1.2 (PDO, IP Counter)

    Hi, I share the maintenance mode I coded for Habjet. I left habjet and I don't need this mode of care anymore. Wishing you can use. Features: - Database was made with PDO - IP address-based counter (ip address, time, user_agent) - Photos activated depending on the counter - Instant statistics...
  9. MartoonBoss

    PUBG Furni By Martoon

    Hi guys ! i Martoon I'm dealing with design and drawing. Now I will show you the pubg furniture I made i drew it. Discord : Martoon#5184 Download :
  10. mendozx

    My best designs for retros

    I want to show you my designs, you have all my work in the links below the images, I hope you like them. Logos More logos here: Other pixel arts: more arts here:
  11. dimitrisbey

    Wrong Link

    Hi guys, I made a retro. And I have a problem, I need to fix it. Please help me, what should I do to solve that when I type my ip, it should go to "" or "", but it shows the IP twice, and goes to "" or...
  12. Tijn20

    Problem with my Character!

    Hello, I have a problem with my habbo retro. I make a retro with Briancms everthing work perfectly but 1 thing doesn't work :( My character don't load in and my character is outside the room. I look everywhere but i can't find anything what can help me. Can someone help me? on teamviewer or...
  13. M

    Need help with habbo retro

    Hi, I’m an old habbo user. I played habbo like many years ago and played on several hotels and built them myself. However, I completely lack the knowledge of making one now... So I’m giving you an offer, since I want to do this as an hobby and not interest. I can give u Ownership with me. I’ll...
  14. mendozx

    Graphics i made for your client

    if you want contact me :) facebook: Instagram:
  15. Ours1Offi

    I have a problem with my retro Habbo

    Hello, I recently encountered a problem with my habbo game, I had followed the Youtube tutorial: But I had to make an error or other ... I would like someone to help me settle her! I specify that I am French and there are chances that I made...
  16. IMPRetros

    Public Room - Christmas Homeroom & Reception 2020 [MPU/BG/HOLO/ADS]

    You can support me with click the link... Facebook : // Discord : SALTAN#5649 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can reach the...
  17. R

    Flash Zebbo hotel, New retro

    Zebbo About Zebbo: Zebbo was created on november 2019, We are currently still in "beta" and will be that until we are happy with Zebbo. We also want to create zebbo with our community to make sure we can all enjoy it. Our goal here at zebbo is trying to minimize the "pay to get" and instead...
  18. xScottyBoii

    Need Few Badges Made For Retro + MORE

    Need a few badges made and few other things done along those lines. Its For :)
  19. ManIron

    Retro - Coast [PlusEMU] Play today!

    Opened on 2019, Coast strives to bring back the retro gaming experience, with a quality economy and weekly updates, we can guarantee your stay here will be enjoyable! We're still growing strong today with over 20 registrations and a consistent 2+ online throughout the week. Coast has a loyal...
  20. J

    (REQUESTING) Name for a retro

    Name says it all looking for a name for a new retro any suggestions?