1. M

    Recruiting Hiring staff & team members for ongoing project

    I have recently opened a brand new hotel, which I am now looking for people to fill specific roles. I am working hard alongside our full time Developer to make sure things are progressing in a positive way. But we can't cover every role. I am searching for: Graphic Designers/Pixel Artists -...
  2. M

    Recruiting Hiring a Developer

    Hi! Me and my friend Jord are interested in creating a hotel and we're looking for an experienced Developer who can take the lead in the technical department of our project. Funding for the server and everything else required will be covered by the both of us. You'll be paid a monthly wage if...
  3. Dumbledore

    Recruiting Hiring Event Hosts & Moderators

    Hello, I currently manage a very nice professional hotel which is owned and founded by my good friend. We are just finishing up some final touches so everything is spectacular on grand launch as the hotel isn't accessible to the public currently. But following the game plan, we'll also need...
  4. Object

    Retro scripts

    Hello DevBest 👋 Just another quick release, that I figured might be useful to some people, This release is a repository of scripts that can improve your hotel / ease the process of doing so. All the scripts will only work for Arcturus MS Catalog page sorter: The catalog sorter script, is a...
  5. Banditcello99

    Search for some help!

    Dear Dev, I am looking for someone who can help me start a habbo retro in the technical field. I had a lot of experience with the r63b but with the new systems I don't understand it anymore. I have a vps and domain name ready, I speak Dutch and English. so you like to teach and help me. send me...
  6. BearKuda

    [Swf+.Nitro] Toxic Trophies

    Have you ever wanted to send someone toxic a message? or send a cheeky friend a gift? Habbo came out with a green slime looking badge that said "toxic" and I wanted to make a furni out of it. Download Google Drive Furnibuilder I really enjoy reading feedback from the community! Please...
  7. S

    Nohabbo searching for Italian/german community manager The retro gaming community is in decline, but at Nohabbo, we're determined to change that! Our virtual hotel is perfect for anyone who wants to relive the fun and excitement of the past. We're taking a fresh approach to advertising, using funny memes and real-life stickers to bring...
  8. smokes

    Recruiting Looking to recruit a long term Developer

    Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read my post. We recently set out on a project to build a Habbo retro that would be different and more fun and interactive for users. The hotel is up and working but not open to the public as of yet, as it's not finished or where we want it to be. We as the...
  9. blk_Kyat

    [.Nitro] 8 Dragon Ball Z Fountains (Animated!) - Blk_Kyat's Custom Furni

    Hello Fellow Bobba's! These didn't turn out as good as I wanted but they still serve a purpose! (The animated image may take a moment to show) (You will have to make the cata icons) ---------------- Download ----------------
  10. Object

    Atom HK - A standalone housekeeping

    Hi Devbest 👋 I recently created & released a new CMS named Atom CMS to widen the options for people who want to open their own Habbo retro, which has now lead me to create Atom HK 🚀 What is Atom HK? Atom HK is a standalone housekeeping, for your Habbo retro. Standalone means it functions as...
  11. Dumbledore - A UNIQUE virtual world - Start an exciting adventure!

    Hello there! I would like to introduce to you,! A professional on-going organisation waiting to welcome you. CREATE your account today! Discord is also available on site for those wondering. Introduction A free online server currently open to the public. No fees are charged on our...
  12. blk_Kyat

    [.Nitro+SWF] 24 Pokemon Test Tubes - ANIMATED - Blk_Kyat's Custom Furni

    24 TOTAL! This project ended up being a lot bigger than I expected! Each Furni starts off like this: When you click "Use" or when you double click, The Test Tube will open and display the Pokemon! When you "use" or double click again, the test tube will light up! (These previews may take a...
  13. shapeshifted

    Hiring Retro Graphic Designer ($$$ Negotiable)

    Greetings. We are currently looking for at least one Graphic Designer. The main task will be designing our retro's logo. However, we will be greatly appreciated if the designer knows how to design custom furni / clothing, community posts, etc. If you are interested in this, feel free to...
  14. blk_Kyat

    [.Nitro+SWF] Kitty Dragon (TALKS!) - Blk_Kyat's Custom Furni

    Hello fellow bobbas! You can double click to get the kitty to talk! It's also animated! Download links: ------------- Google drive ------------- .NITRO + SWF INCLUDED
  15. N

    PixelCosmic Retro - Asia Pacific Server

    We are a brand new server, started on the 09th May 2022. Our server mainly targets at Asia Pacific region. The server was started because I and my friends wanted to build some stuff without paying more money, thus we decided to set up our own retro to scratch our itch for builds. However, we...
  16. N

    Offline retro without VPS

    I am trying to create a retro just for me for a moment to edit and without the use of VPS, since most of the tutorials are required to have VPS, is an offline retro possible? like localhost before where you're the only one in the retro. A nitro one btw. Thank you
  17. N

    Any browser to run flash?

    Hi I wanted to know if there are any kind of browser or something to download in order to use flash, or is there like a way for me to create a downloadable software like Habbo and Habboon's way in order to play classic Habbo? Thank you
  18. N

    Better alternative of XAMPP?

    Just wanted to know is there anything better than xampp?
  19. N

    How to create software for your habbo retro

    Most retros along with Habbo has this downloadable softwares in order to play classic Habbo, I was wondering how I can make it
  20. Dumbledore

    Recruiting Recruiting experienced active Developer for a retro (Paid)

    Hello, We're looking to recruit a talented Developer to work with us on our hotel. The hotel has been opened around a month and is on the first page of FindRetros and slowly reaching higher. We're doing well we just need a dedicated Developer to support when errors occur because we're not...