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Jul 31, 2012

I am happy to announce return into the retro scene! After the departure back in 2010-2012 from the PHPRetro days we've finally opened our doors earlier last year at . Casper is your gateway to the nostalgic golden era of Habbo Hotel (2007-2010). Immerse yourself in the classic vibes with r31 shockwave and r39 flash. Run by "paswrd," our 24/7 hotel offers exciting events, a user-friendly portable client / launcher, functional clothes editor, group editor, and other SWF homepage assets on modern browsers (peep my screenshots of everything working on Safari on a newer mac). We are running on Havana by Quackster with r39 edits by Jeppe and the Legacy team with minimal modifications to the CMS and Client so far. That being said this is a continuation of Classic Habbo that was shut down a few years ago, everything is fresh and we aren't using Classics old database. Shockwave is and always will be the more feature rich experience (is slower) but has all of the old school games and the nostalgic feeling of the old Habbo days. I've spent a lot of time making this site as close as I can remember to the good ol' days and I'm actively porting over plugins from PHPRetro (the clean and time period appropriate ones) to Casper. We are also continuing to add more furniture to the hotel from 2011-modern. My goal for this site is to allow users to live out their nostalgia and give me a space to archive old Habbo room screenshots off the internet. Preservation is everything.

Our hotel is an international hotel and we have users that are getting on from all over. The main site is in English and we do offer a translated site in Portuguese for PT/BR users (it still connects to the same international hotel, everything is just translated to make users more comfortable) I'm considering translating more languages directly off archived screenshots and wayback machine like I'm doing with the PT/BR site, that's in the future...

We do not take any IRL money... We've had users offer to help pay for stuff but I can manage to pay for this server to run for the rest of my life on my own. This is all non-profit for fun and nostalgia purposes. If you want to support the hotel boost the Casper Discord server and get a special Discord boost badge and VIP badge.

Bright future to come and plenty of stuff to do on the server, a chance to continue where Habbo didn't. ❤️
  • Clients
    • r31 Shockwave
    • r39 Flash
  • Handshake
    • Login via SSO ticket
    • Login via username/password
  • Games
    • Battleball
    • Snowstorm
    • Wobble Squabble
    • Tic Tac Toe (available in Cunningfox Gamehall)
    • Battle Ships (available in Cunningfox Gamehall)
    • Chess (available in Cunningfox Gamehall)
  • Catalogue
    • Main/sub category page support
    • Catalogue pages
    • Catalogue items
    • Purchasing from catalogues
    • Effect previews
    • Pixel rental previews
    • Automatic rotation of collectibles
    • Redemption of vouchers
  • Effects
    • Purchasing effects
    • Effect expiry
    • Configurable effect duration
  • Navigator
    • Recommended rooms
    • List public rooms
    • Room categories
    • Favourite rooms
    • Room search (including filtering with owner:)
  • Rooms
    • Create private rooms
    • Edit private room settings
    • Enter private rooms
    • Private room doorbell
    • Private room ratings (default expiry over 30 days)
    • Enter public rooms
      • Public room furniture
      • Pool ladders (swimming)
      • Pool diving deck (diving)
      • Public room bots (your classics such as Piers the Habbo Kitchen chef!)
      • All Infobus support
    • Show tags on user
  • Items
    • Inventory
    • Item purchasing
    • Sit on chairs
    • Lay on beds
    • Trophies
    • Coin redeeming
    • Dice rolling
    • Wheel of fortune
    • Love randomizer
    • Scoreboard
    • Totem head/leg/planet interaction to gain special totem effects
    • Vending machine interaction
    • Teleporters
    • American idol voting system
    • Rollers
    • Gates
    • One-way gates
    • Photos
    • Song disks
    • Presents
    • Room dimmers
  • Trax Machine
    • Create music
    • Save music
    • Delete music
    • Burn disk
  • Jukebox
    • Play disks
    • Queue multiple disks
  • Camera
    • Take photos
    • Load photos
  • Messenger
    • Status update
    • Send friend request
    • Accept friend request
    • Send instant message
    • Offline messaging
    • Follow friend
    • Invite friends
  • Trading
    • All safe trading features enabled
  • Events
    • Users can host events, is integrated into website
  • Groups
    • Display user favourited group when in-game
  • Achievements
    • American Idol voting
    • Time online
    • Change looks
    • Game played (BattleBall and SnowStorm)
    • Habbo Club membership
    • Happy Hour
    • Consecutive logins
    • Friend referrals
    • Motto
    • Account age
    • Respect earnt
    • Respect given
    • Room entries to private rooms that aren't yours
    • Completing the tutorial
    • Adding tags
    • Trade pass
    • Guides
      Habbo Club
    • Monthly gifts
    • First gift club sofa
    • Exclusive Habbo Club items
    • Exclusive Habbo Club rooms
    • Habbo club clothing options enabled
  • Ecotron
    • Recycle items
    • Ecotron rewards visible in catalogue
    • Ecotron rewards after recycling items
  • Guides
    • Complete tutorial
    • After tutorial, search for guide
    • Guide must be part of the guide group to join
    • Guide badge progression


  • Login
    • 2008 Page
    • Almost fully functional login scroller swf aka habbos.swf
    • Almost fully functional old school intro video
  • Register
  • Community
  • Groups
  • Group discussions
  • User referrals
  • Homes
  • Home customisation
  • Housekeeping
    • News
    • Users
    • Room entry badges
    • Infobus management
    • Ban management

We will be adding/fixing some features in the near future...



Old school games (sw)


Both clients (flash & shockwave) working side by side hotel view/hotel navigator.


Both clients (flash & shockwave) working side by side in the same room.


Downloadable launcher login screen with remember me for easy access to both clients. (Thanks to Parsnip, part of the Legacy team)


The me page is constantly updated with news, newer hot campaigns, collectables, etc..


Habbo Homes Traxplayer Widget Works

Traxplayer widget on Habbo Homes works.

All flash assets are working on modern browsers... Safari, on a 2023 Macbook Pro.

Flash assets running on modern browsers. Safari on a 2023 M2 MacBook Pro...


Hosting competitions to keep the hotel interesting. Earn some coin!



If you're looking for something even older we offer a V1 server mirroring the original Habbo Hotel site from early 2000-2001 (requires Basilisk browser) which you can access at .

V1 Casper Hotel

As our community grows, we'll be on the lookout for dedicated individuals to join our staff. Your journey with us is not just about reliving memories – it's about creating new ones, making friendships, and being part of a community that shares your similar passion. Join us in reviving the past and progressing into the future. Join Casper Hotel today!

Yes this thread is a repost, I had the old one deleted since I didn't have any control over it and wanted to make this as professional as possible.

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