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  • Blasteh
    Hope you boys are well. Nice to see Habboon is still going! The fansites, events and dedication is great. Keep up the good work.
  • boz
    boz replied to the thread Rare Values Icons.
    Just use the images in dcr/hof_furni/icons
  • Johno
    Johno replied to the thread Habbo gone?.
    A lot of people left because how toxic people are in the community, I have seen a huge decrease in orders from retro clients in the last...
  • Maatt
    Maatt replied to the thread Habbo gone?.
    I hadn’t thought of covid tbf that’s probably a big impact. I never have time to play usually but during covid I was on a lot.
  • hab2
    hab2 replied to the thread Habbo gone?.
    I would've of thought that Dominos should decline on interest quicker than Habbo did.
  • D
    DanielSlivinskiy updated their status.
    why you stalk me?
  • D
    DanielSlivinskiy replied to the thread Looking for Nitro Setup.
    Hello, this video maybe can help you.
  • Parsov
    Parsov replied to the thread DDOS prevention.
    The only decent way of doing this would be to have a pool of servers. And have a tool where it detects when a server is being too loaded...
  • T
    Hello! We launched our rust server called RustyBean. Join: client.connect Some information about the server...
  • Johno
    Johno replied to the thread Looking for Nitro setup (paid).
    Do not pay for people to setup your hotel, everything is available free in terms of files, emulators etc.
  • Maatt
    Maatt posted the thread Habbo gone? in Habbo Hotel.
    What’s happened to Habbo/Retros they’re all so dead. Things looked promising with Nitro and like we had a whole new future ahead but...
  • FunzyKiller
    FunzyKiller posted the thread Rare Values Icons in Habbo Q&A.
    Hello just curious how do i obtain the rare furni icons? is there a way to obtain all the rare icons to save time for making rare values...
  • Y
    Yunus reacted to boz's post in the thread Request Habbo gfx with Like Like.
    Hello sxc users of Devbest, I’m on the prowl for someone who can make me some gfx (willing to pay) of a few things, a banner for FR...
  • Y
    Yunus reacted to tobi3591's post in the thread Looking for Nitro setup (paid) with Like Like.
    Hello. Looking for payed Nitro retro hotel setup
  • Purewinter
    If your happy to play single player i shared my pre setup nitro hotel in a release. The virtual machine file is foolproof.