Recruiting Hiring staff & team members for ongoing project


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Jun 30, 2023
I have recently opened a brand new hotel, which I am now looking for people to fill specific roles. I am working hard alongside our full time Developer to make sure things are progressing in a positive way. But we can't cover every role.

I am searching for:

  • Graphic Designers/Pixel Artists - Create stunning pieces of art as we're in desperate need of a logo, a banner, staff badges etc.
  • Hotel Managers (Events, Economy, Moderation) - Manager for separate departments. One to manage general upcoming events and event staff members in the hotel, one for the economy management overall, setting prices of rares etc and one to manage all Moderators in-game.
  • Room Builders - Design appealing rooms, welcome rooms, event rooms, lounge rooms, auto games etc as the hotel is basically empty.
If you're interested in joining the project feel free to contact me on Discord for a discussion.
Discord: Millz0043

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