1. TheBello

    Looking for a Bored Habbo <DEV>

    Looking for a Bored Habbo Experienced <DEV> $100 USD monthly Be able to Edit/Update/Improve Emulator, Nitro and CMS Must be able to know how to work with Headers incoming/outgoing Plugins wireds Must have a Portfolio. Discord: thebello 1701111552 DEV Found! 🚀
  2. M

    Recruiting Hiring staff & team members for ongoing project

    I have recently opened a brand new hotel, which I am now looking for people to fill specific roles. I am working hard alongside our full time Developer to make sure things are progressing in a positive way. But we can't cover every role. I am searching for: Graphic Designers/Pixel Artists -...
  3. M

    (no longer iso)

    In Need of 1-2 Habbo Retro Developers! Paid work! Hi! Currently in search of 1 or 2 experienced developers for our upcoming habbo retro, all work will be paid. We need someone for upkeep, bug fixes, adding things, just general work for a long term dev! if you're interested or want more info...
  4. S

    Nohabbo searching for Italian/german community manager The retro gaming community is in decline, but at Nohabbo, we're determined to change that! Our virtual hotel is perfect for anyone who wants to relive the fun and excitement of the past. We're taking a fresh approach to advertising, using funny memes and real-life stickers to bring...
  5. Andot

    Recruiting Recruiting Staff for Spanish upcoming hotel

    Hello Devbest. As you read, we have an upcoming Habbo Retro coming soon (maybe the next week we'll open it publicly). We've got everything set up, it's 100% working. The Hotel is in HTML5 and Flash, also with his own desktop app. We're looking for: Managers Administrators (also Rank managers)...
  6. ElMayor

    Recruiting Recruiting Staffs - 2 Servers

    Hello, i have put some time into these servers with my friends and devs to make it big in the community and don't let Habbo Die. 1- - A Habbo Retro that's made for nostalgic Habbo Players to revive once again those beautiful days in our adolescence. It's made of modern tools...
  7. Gxcci

    Recruiting Developer

    Hey Everyone, Looking for Dev to work on our new hotel, Role will include carrying out regular maintenance on the hotel, Keeping the hotel up to date and ironing out any bugs - but genuinely just enjoying the game with us Client up and running. Drop me a msg for more info gucci#1022 xx
  8. Zeroh


    Hello Devbest, ---> Been away from the retro scene for about 5 years and the last couple of weeks I have been setting up for a new retro project! It has come that time where I am looking for some positions and in the future will also be looking for other positions HOWEVER right now I am...
  9. Fade

    Recruiting Looking for Trial Moderators and GFX Artists

    We are currently looking for international staff members that posses the skill that we are looking for! (Other timezone rather than GMT+8 is highly recommended). Staff member should be knowledgeable to: Host events Manage to help users for their inquires from client/discord . Could help the...
  10. D


    I am looking for a co owner for my retro someone who has exp
  11. D

    Habbo Retro

    Looking for a dev who can set up a habbo retro for me i have a dev but is currently busy with personal things i will be more than happy if someone could help me out please
  12. Medici

    Recruiting GFX/Pixel Artist (Paid)

    Hello Devbest: I am now in search of a skilled GFX and/or Pixel Artist. Looking to hire individuals that can effectively execute both or at least one of the two. Jobs will include creation of custom logos, banners, icons, badges, furniture, clothing, etc. The artist(s) will be paid per...
  13. Reecers

    [RECRUITING] Looking for a Habbo Roleplay Developer (Mainly EMU)!

    Hello, I am currently looking for a developer who will work alongside me in creating new features on the emulator! Must know C# obviously, this will be for a habbo roleplay named PumpRP and we are looking for custom commands to make us very unique and built in GUI's!
  14. M

    Recruiting RP Habbo Retro

    Hi guys, I appreciate you taking the time to look at this. I've recently decided I have too much free time and have really only been taking an interest in RP hotels for awhile now, and with previous experience in owning regular retros I have decided to pursue opening a RP. Note: I have never...
  15. Galaxy

    Recruiting Hiring Staff | New Hotel | Brand new hotel in need of loyal and active staff who have previous experience and are looking to build a community like it is supposed to be. Comment or pm me and we can discuss this. Thanks!
  16. JOBAL

    Recruiting RP Developer (EMU ONLY)

    Hi guys, I appreciate you taking the time to look at this. I've recently decided I have too much free time and have really only been taking an interest in RP hotels for awhile now, and with previous experience in owning regular retros I have decided to pursue opening a RP. Note: I have never...
  17. RustyMCPE

    (HABBO RETRO) Developer Needed! [Paid position]

    Hello there! I am Rusty and we are looking for a retro developer who can help us organize our hotel improve add new features and ofcourse seperate us from the many out there! Please note you will need proof of your actual capabilities and might even test you on your skills. What we are...
  18. Brandon

    Need a developer for an established habbo retro!

    Hello, I'm the owner of Hobba Hotel and we're currently looking for a new developer. I would prefer someone with knowledge using plusemu and the ability to program in Csharp, PHP, html, and CSS. More so Csharp. I have some immediate work that needs to be done on the emu that will test your...
  19. Obbler

    Recruiting Galaxy Hotel - Recruiting Developers/Managers/Moderators (Semi-Paid)

    Hi everyone! I'm pleased to announce that I'm now looking for new staff within Galaxy Hotel. You haven't heard of us, because we're still undergoing development. But let me give you a run down of what we plan to do and what we want from you. I'll be brief as this isn't an advertising thread...
  20. A

    Recruiting Habbo Retro Developer Needed

    Me and a friend have just started our retro and are in need of a developer to join our staff team. We need someone who can help us with most technical things including adding furniture, keeping the catalogue updated, adding new badges and just to help make our hotel better. We are looking for...