1. K

    [FIGMA] HabboSO UI Release

    Hey! I was one of the project managers for a bilingual hotel HabboSO back in the day, and we had a professional designer create a UI for us. Unfortunately, this UI ended up in the hands of people who now claim it as their property. Therefore, in agreement with the former project management, I...
  2. djjinn

    [Emulator + Nitro] Arceus Pack

    Arceus Pack What is it? The Arceus Pack consists of a clean and expandable code emulator, easy to edit, maintain, and update with enhancements in Nitro for the best possible habbo playing performance. I don't aim to replicate Habbo 1:1; I don't think that's ever been the purpose of retros...
  3. X

    Retro mod v8

    Hello, I haven't been among you for a long time. Now I am here with something else. Higher plugin, newgen for guild. and mores with in. If anything DM me Download link:
  4. J

    TinkHotel - Habbo Project - 99% fidelity to Habbo.com

    https://www.habbo.pro What is about this project called TinkHotel? TinkHotel is a project to recreate Habbo Hotel, with a clarify head objective, be the most identical to the official Hotel. That's include get all features from the web and the client. It's a non-profit, for educational purposes...
  5. paswrd

    Casper ~ The Nostalgic Experience

    I am happy to announce Casper Hotels return into the retro scene! After the departure back in 2010-2012 from the PHPRetro days we've finally opened our doors earlier last year at https://casper.fun/. Casper is your gateway to the nostalgic golden era of Habbo Hotel (2007-2010). Immerse yourself...
  6. M

    Exposing the Epidemic: AFK Bots in Retro Hotels

    Hey DevBest Community, It's time to shed some light on a concerning trend that's been sweeping through the retro hotel community: the use of AFK bots. You may have noticed an influx of hotels boasting about their impressive player counts, but how many of those players are actually engaged and...
  7. N

    Cloudflare SSL & HTTPS Issue

    I connected my domain and server via Cloudflare to create Habbo retro, but there is such a problem. I can easily log in to the site with HTTP://, but it still gives a warning that it is not secure. When I log in with HTTPS://, it gives a security warning again and this time it takes me to the...
  8. itszzpetalzz

    Habflash Hotel - Your virtual world experience

    deleted thread
  9. M


  10. Noel0164

    Recruiting SwiftHotel.nl Is Hiring!

    Heyy. My name is Noël, i am the owner of Swift. I am not here to tell you how great my retro is, i am not here to brag that i am the best, i am here to show you the difference between me and my competition!. Tomorrow evening SwiftHotel.nl will be online, and i need active members. not...
  11. S

    [DEV] Havana - theallseeingeye/Hobbanet Housekeeping

    Hi everyone! Welcome to the development thread of a Housekeeping project for Havana. For now the project it's not finished 100%, and I think was deprecated to do a release for production at the moment. Features Login/Session Save and show last login IP from HK Save and show last login time...
  12. TheBello

    Kubbo is Hiring! 100+ Users Daily.

    Kubbo went Vanilla we're using Default Arcturus with default everything. WHY? We want our potential DEVS to feel comfortable in a non-edited environment so you would have the organization for a perfect hands-on project. We're looking for talented, experienced Habbo Devs. Wireds maker Nitro...
  13. Hobba

    Recruiting Hiring Hotel Staff

    It's 2024! A new year for a brand new hotel, join us on our adventure at Hobba! We are a new habbo hotel retro seeking staff for the following positions: Moderators - Moderators are needed on the hotel to provide a safe environment, respond to help calls, player issues, scam reports, etc. Room...
  14. V

    IlluminaCMS Homepage/User Profile Avatar Issue

    Hello. I'm not sure if anyone would be able to help me due to how old IlluminaCMS is, but i'm trying to fix it. I've tried many ways to fix this, and the solution I came was to make my own Habbo Imager in the htdocs from Xampp. PHP: 5.3.1 I'm not sure how to do it though, and if anyone can...
  15. Bodhi

    Brain cms 1.8.1 problem table db

    Hi, I have a problem whit brain cms 1.8.1, look the screen pls and tell me if u can help me for resolve this problem. Thanks all, PS: Sorry for my english, i'm french.
  16. Rivelly1

    Habblight - Your tool to customize your staff badges.

    Habblight - Generate Your Badges! 🌈 Tired of wasting time editing your staff badges? Discover Habblight, the generator that allows you to customize your badges with just one click! 🚀 ✨ Features ✨ Instantly modify the name of your staff badges. Save precious time without using complicated...
  17. MayoMayn

    Apex HTML5

    Modern full-fledged & high-performance Habbo HTML5 retro powered by TypeScript Deepkit μWebSockets Angular Scuti I've created a feedback/roadmap where you can request features/integrations you want. https://github.com/marcus-sa/apex The UI will be inspired by
  18. G

    Paid habbo development service

    Hi everyone! Let me introduce myself, my name is Goudzoeker. I offer myself to help you (for a fee) with your habbo retro. I have been in the retro world for a number of years and have a lot of experience with it. I have set up several hotels (both with flash player and nitro), and I have been...
  19. Hymage

    Some designs [Logos, banners and more]

    Hi there! I want to show you some of my designs :D You can see more content here or in my Facebook. Discord: hymage | Facebook: Hymage Oz
  20. TheBello

    Looking for a Bored Habbo <DEV>