1. Obscurity67

    Is it possible for someone on radmin to join my retro habbo?

    Hello, As the title says I would like to know if it is possible to bring a friend on my retro habbo that I made without VPS only with radmin/hamachi. I have already made an attempt but when the person joins the hotel loads slowly and then displays an error message "disconnected" I look...
  2. 136onmyneck

    I need to install the House Keeping in my hotel.

    Hello to all the Dev Best community! I'm here because I need help installing House Keeping on my CMS. Right now, I am using AtomCMS and the Hotel is created on my localhost. I'd appreciate your help.
  3. Andot

    Jarvis Plugin stopped working

    So I'm using Jarvis with my hotel, everything was working fine, until some days ago. Logs no longer appear on Discord. It only appears when users enter the hotel, but that's it (which is curious). Here's what I've tried so far: Reinstalling the plugin. Re-creating the Discord channels...
  4. joaowars776

    Pack Habbo All-In-One (One-Click) Portable, latest version and totally free

    https://youtu.be/DEpZoZzCXT4 The best Arcturus Pack you will find for free, maybe for a long, looooong time What's in this short 2 minute video? * Latest Arcturus and AtomCMS pack with Custom Furnis and Custom Clothes (2022) +26,000 furni and +3500 clothes * Portable and All-In-One content...
  5. xlRaiko

    Clothing pack of autor: xlRaiko LAST UPDATE: 23-11-22

    # ========================== # Clothes to Habbo # ========================== This pack of clothes are created since zero to hotel with name Habbooh, which autor is xlRaiko. =========================================================================== Content of clothes: - Have + 3.700 clothes...
  6. J

    Havana Server - Habbo Guide Tools & Avatara

    Hello DevBest. I have two problems: 1.- Why don't see on client the Habbo Guide Tools after join Habbo Guides group? It's broken or something? The server don't send any error about this. 2.- I need a tutorial about how to use Avatara or something becouse I have this error and they don't show...
  7. L

    Recruiting Looking For Habbo Roleplay Developer

    Hello Devbest! I am looking for a qualified developer to bring on to the team, Looking to get this project moving forward! Depending on your qualifications this can be a paid position! Reply to this thread with your discord information, Or shoot me a message in my inbox! We are actively...
  8. Puffin

    myBoBBa :: House of Creativity

    https://mybobba.org was created by Puffin on September 18th, 2022. The owner, and staff of myBoBBa firmly believe in creating a safe, toxic free environment for all users to enjoy and play in, and have been trained rigorously as such, on how to respond with situations in a calm, proper manner...
  9. J

    Grand Hotel - Grand opening of a new fantastic Retro Hotel

    Welcome to the newly opened Grand Hotel that you can call your home! Custom CMS/UI, Custom Catalog with a lot of new furni, a lot of new rares that you can collect and trade and full of interesting events. We have a hard-working Staff team that will always be there for you. The website was...
  10. F

    Looking for clothing SWF

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone knows where can I get this hairstyle. (The screen captures were taken in haddoz.net) By the way it looks, I was betting it was designed for the original Habbo, but I can't find it anywhere beyond this retro. It's very well done, and the ombre makes it look like...
  11. J

    Kepler v1.4 Error Argon2 password

    Hello. I have a error when I start Kepler Emulator after update to v1.4 release. Image of the error: Any solution? Thank's and sorry for my english! 1662856565 Solved following this:
  12. Shahiems

    [Development] Tamuroo | Free-to-play 2D Virtual World

    Tamuroo is a free-to-play virtual world. Build your own personal space, create your own unique avatar, complete exciting quests and play mini games! Discover Tamuroo! Explore the world of Tamuroo; Discover the National Park of Tamuroo, Stores, Houses of other players and other secret...
  13. axii

    Ambassadors Rares

    I present to you the ambassador rarities, it is not made by me. There are files in it as .nitro.swf. FurnitureData.json catalog_items items_base for .nitro is in rar rar password : axii - Download -...
  14. blk_Kyat

    [.Nitro] 8 Dragon Ball Z Fountains (Animated!) - Blk_Kyat's Custom Furni

    Hello Fellow Bobba's! These didn't turn out as good as I wanted but they still serve a purpose! (The animated image may take a moment to show) (You will have to make the cata icons) ---------------- Download ----------------
  15. Object

    Atom HK - A standalone housekeeping

    Hi Devbest 👋 I recently created & released a new CMS named Atom CMS to widen the options for people who want to open their own Habbo retro, which has now lead me to create Atom HK 🚀 What is Atom HK? Atom HK is a standalone housekeeping, for your Habbo retro. Standalone means it functions as...
  16. blk_Kyat

    [.Nitro+SWF] 24 Pokemon Test Tubes - ANIMATED - Blk_Kyat's Custom Furni

    24 TOTAL! This project ended up being a lot bigger than I expected! Each Furni starts off like this: When you click "Use" or when you double click, The Test Tube will open and display the Pokemon! When you "use" or double click again, the test tube will light up! (These previews may take a...
  17. blk_Kyat

    [.Nitro+SWF] Kitty Dragon (TALKS!) - Blk_Kyat's Custom Furni

    Hello fellow bobbas! You can double click to get the kitty to talk! It's also animated! Download links: ------------- Google drive ------------- .NITRO + SWF INCLUDED
  18. blk_Kyat

    [.Nitro+SWF] RuneScape Holo's - Blk_Kyat's Custom Furni

    Hello fellow bobbas! Ive been playing alot of OSRS latley and wanted to do something fun! Here are the protection prayers as holo's! Download links: ------------- Google drive ------------- .NITRO + SWF INCLUDED
  19. Kasja

    Custom Garden Furnis

    Heya Devbest! Recently I have been working on a new custom furniline, and I can now (finally) share it with the community! The furniline is garden/outdoor themed, and that's why I have chosen to name it ''garden furnis''🌱 The release contains 51 SWF's and their icons. Download it here I...
  20. blk_Kyat

    [.Nitro] Yu-Gi-Oh Paintings - Blk_Kyat's Custom Furni

    Hello fellow bobbas! Playing around with Pixelart, deviantart and Photoshop...I hope you all enjoy! These are coded for Arcturus MS and Nitro downloads available below! Download links: ------------- Google drive ------------- Arcturus-MS SQL, Furnidata and Icons included in the download!