1. 439

    Fancy Customs 1

    Hi, im back with some customs
  2. TheBello

    Habbo Roleplay Pack Release (HabboVIP/PixelZone) - FREE

    Hello Habbo enthusiasts! A couple of years ago, I invested $2k in a comprehensive Habbo Roleplay pack. Today, I've made the decision to share it with the community at absolutely no cost. Why am I releasing this pack now? The Habbo Roleplay community has seen quieter days, and my personal...
  3. xrefused12

    Recruiting Hiring All Positions

    Join Bobba Hotel - The Extraordinary Virtual Experience! Prefer German User Bobba Hotel, a truly unique and exceptional virtual hotel, is seeking dedicated and passionate team members to join our ranks. As a pioneer among virtual hotel simulations, we offer our players an unparalleled gaming...
  4. _AE

    Plaintext received instead of ssl, closing channel [ERROR]

    I get this error even though the ssl related configurations are correct. the steps I have taken: - Selecting the private key type "RSA" from the Cloudflare origin server section and placing the privkey and cert.pem files into the ssl folder. the result I got: I'd be very happy if you could...
  5. _AE

    GameWorker-4-3 ERROR

    I'm getting this error in my emulator, can you help me? bbo
  6. _AE

    40% Connection Failed [Websocket]

    hello i have done it following a lot of rules but i am making such a mistake. i am probably missing something and i am not aware of it. i would be very happy if you could help me.
  7. Dumbledore

    Recruiting Hiring Event Hosts & Moderators

    Hello, I currently manage a very nice professional hotel which is owned and founded by my good friend. We are just finishing up some final touches so everything is spectacular on grand launch as the hotel isn't accessible to the public currently. But following the game plan, we'll also need...
  8. xlRaiko

    Clothing pack of autor xlRaiko: LAST UPDATE -> 18/05/2023

    # ========================== # Clothes to Habbo # ========================== This pack of clothes are created since zero to hotel with name Habbooh, which autor is xlRaiko. The link of hotel is: https://habbooh.com/ Discord official: https://discord.gg/a4s5avpuUA...
  9. Tayy

    Looking For Staff On A Project

    Hello DevBest Community I'm Looking For A Dedicated Co-Owner For A Hotel I Will Also Be Looking For An Admin That Can Atleast Code Simple Functions And Can Help With Development.This Is A Project Im Looking For Atleast A Team Of 3 Can Do There Will Be A Period Of Time Before Everything Will Be...
  10. H

    i need emulator cms swf

    hello, first of all, my english is very bad, sorry for that, i want to install habbo hotel, i can't find cms emulator required, anyone can help
  11. Object

    Retro scripts

    Hello DevBest 👋 Just another quick release, that I figured might be useful to some people, This release is a repository of scripts that can improve your hotel / ease the process of doing so. All the scripts will only work for Arcturus MS Catalog page sorter: The catalog sorter script, is a...
  12. Banditcello99

    Search for some help!

    Dear Dev, I am looking for someone who can help me start a habbo retro in the technical field. I had a lot of experience with the r63b but with the new systems I don't understand it anymore. I have a vps and domain name ready, I speak Dutch and English. so you like to teach and help me. send me...
  13. BearKuda

    [Swf+.Nitro] Prehistoric Dino Eggs - 9 colors

    Prehistoric Dino Eggs https://imgur.com/0JJljBu Download FurniBuilder https://www.furnibuilder.com/furni/preview/69978 GoogleDrive https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JkiQaONWiPz3q7iJozmfsIuo3IBN3C_Z/view?usp=share_link ------------------------------------------- You can choose from 9 colors
  14. Z

    PlusEMU - Catalog garment preview help

    Hello everyone, I have a little problem. When I add clothes to my catalog. When I click on the item in the catalog my character appears correctly, but the item of clothing selected from the catalog does not appear on my character in the preview window How can I solve this problem? THANKS !
  15. BearKuda

    [Swf+.Nitro] Toxic Trophies

    Have you ever wanted to send someone toxic a message? or send a cheeky friend a gift? Habbo came out with a green slime looking badge that said "toxic" and I wanted to make a furni out of it. Download Google Drive Furnibuilder I really enjoy reading feedback from the community! Please...
  16. BearKuda

    [Swf+.Nitro] Snow Storm Arcade Machine (Animated)

    I wanted to make something different! When you double click the furni, the animation begins on the screen. If the image doesn't show, please click the imgur link HERE Download Google Drive Furni Builder I really enjoy reading feedback from the community! Please comment below to share your...
  17. Obscurity67

    Is it possible for someone on radmin to join my retro habbo?

    Hello, As the title says I would like to know if it is possible to bring a friend on my retro habbo that I made without VPS only with radmin/hamachi. I have already made an attempt but when the person joins the hotel loads slowly and then displays an error message "disconnected" I look...
  18. 136onmyneck

    I need to install the House Keeping in my hotel.

    Hello to all the Dev Best community! I'm here because I need help installing House Keeping on my CMS. Right now, I am using AtomCMS and the Hotel is created on my localhost. I'd appreciate your help.
  19. Andot

    Jarvis Plugin stopped working

    So I'm using Jarvis with my hotel, everything was working fine, until some days ago. Logs no longer appear on Discord. It only appears when users enter the hotel, but that's it (which is curious). Here's what I've tried so far: Reinstalling the plugin. Re-creating the Discord channels...
  20. joaowars776

    Pack Habbo All-In-One (One-Click) Portable, latest version and totally free

    https://youtu.be/DEpZoZzCXT4 The best Arcturus Pack you will find for free, maybe for a long, looooong time What's in this short 2 minute video? * Latest Arcturus and AtomCMS pack with Custom Furnis and Custom Clothes (2022) +26,000 furni and +3500 clothes * Portable and All-In-One content...