1. Andot

    Recruiting Recruiting Staff for Spanish upcoming hotel

    Hello Devbest. As you read, we have an upcoming Habbo Retro coming soon (maybe the next week we'll open it publicly). We've got everything set up, it's 100% working. The Hotel is in HTML5 and Flash, also with his own desktop app. We're looking for: Managers Administrators (also Rank managers)...
  2. S

    Looking For Devs / Admins To Be Part New FiveM Server Team

    Hi, im a GTAV Mod creator & GFX Designer and on the look out for Developers with experience in running a server on fivem, im thinking about starting up my server again under a new name it is gunna be no pixel inspired but im looking into going my own path away from NP this will be a UK 'SERIOUS'...
  3. Spice

    The future is near!

    Hello guys, my name is Spice and I would like to introduce myself to all of you. I'm Brazilian and as you may know, habbo Brazilian community is huge. Maybe the biggest of all. Well, I worked as staff in Habbo Retros for 5 years, passing through Habblive, Iron Hotel, Habborn and Habbinc. After...
  4. M

    Need help with habbo retro

    Hi, I’m an old habbo user. I played habbo like many years ago and played on several hotels and built them myself. However, I completely lack the knowledge of making one now... So I’m giving you an offer, since I want to do this as an hobby and not interest. I can give u Ownership with me. I’ll...
  5. mendozx

    Staff badges exclusive 7u7

    Download here colaborador deejay Game Master Inter Publicista MOD ADMIN Manager CeoFounder este pack de placas creado por mí es un aporte para la comunidad si alguien las utiliza por favor deje las gracias :) This pack of badges created by me is a contribution to the community, if someone uses...
  6. Trve

    Looking for a Habbo Retro Hotel Manager

    Hello Everyone, as the title says Im looking for a Habbo Retro Hotel Manager. I opened a Sunake Hotel and I'm looking for an English Hotel Manager to open the project abroad! We guarantee technical support and seriousness. We select very active and experienced people! Great game, very updated...
  7. xScottyBoii

    Looking for a DEV To Build A Retro Have £££

    Looking for a dev to be able to help me get a retro up and running, i have owned one before but was not right financial state. now i can afford everything im ready to do it! Contact Info - Im on Discord 24/7 Basically Unless Asleep. Discord - xScottyBoii#3903
  8. Medici

    Recruiting GFX/Pixel Artist (Paid)

    Hello Devbest: I am now in search of a skilled GFX and/or Pixel Artist. Looking to hire individuals that can effectively execute both or at least one of the two. Jobs will include creation of custom logos, banners, icons, badges, furniture, clothing, etc. The artist(s) will be paid per...
  9. Sparwarifr

    [Release] EXCLUSIVE Badges - Loyalty, staff, misc.

    Back from a trip, here am I again. And I've got some new and not-so-new things to share. __________ __ _ _ Howdy! When I came back from London (it was so cool... apart from the food, sorry), I kept in mind that I had to post new things right here, so I went through my "graphics" folder and I...
  10. Jack_

    Show DevBest UpBeat - An Online Community Powered Radio Station Hello DevBest! I'm writing today to present to you my online radio station that some of you may have heard of before - UpBeat. UpBeat is an online community powered radio station aimed primarily towards a teenage audience, but also including the gaming community. Since we...
  11. Sarbaz

    Recruiting The return of Habwave Hotel

    Hello, my name is Jason and I've been part of the Habbo community since 2008 and stopped interacting with them in the year of 2016. So mathematically its been a total of 2 years since I've been on Habbo or even on a Habbo Retro. I've developed/operated a few hotels in my years and some were...
  12. I


    Hey, i've opened up a legit minecraft server for version (1.11.2) if you don't have this version i can get you the Minecraft launcher download link for free. The purpose of this thread is to inform the public my need of assistance. I need players/admins/etc to help build parkours, minigames, etc...
  13. Marko97

    Antiscam Client for RevCMS

    Hello, Today I will release an antiscam protection for client compatible with RevCMS coded by Zubrag and adapted by me: In order to install correctly this you will follow these steps: 1) Run this query: ALTER TABLE `users` ADD `staffpin` TEXT NULL DEFAULT NULL 2) Insert 'stafflogin.php' in...
  14. Galaxy

    Recruiting Hiring Staff | New Hotel | Brand new hotel in need of loyal and active staff who have previous experience and are looking to build a community like it is supposed to be. Comment or pm me and we can discuss this. Thanks!
  15. Galaxy

    Applicant [Service] Professional Manager/Administration for hire!

    I have previously owned, managed other servers, have been admin, mod ect. I have much experience in this type of stuff. I am on daily for hours if needed and i can help with anything to the best of my ability. If you are in need of a serious staff member or such, comment below and i can get in...
  16. DogmaMC

    The Woodrock Network is looking for co-owner.

    I am the founder and owner of a brand new Minecraft server known as The Woodrock Network, and I am looking for one dedicated and loyal co-owner to run and develop the server with me in their spare time. This is not a job advertisement so it will be on a purely voluntary basis and flexibility is...
  17. Elite

    R63b Housekeeping Help

    Hello, I have recently returned and need help finding how to install housekeeping on my r63b. Any ideas or suggestions please let me know. Thanks, Elite
  18. Playingbeast

    [Request] Comet Server | Commands | Catalogue | Other features

    Hi, I recently started using Comet Server. It is a great emulator but there are some things that is missing. Commands: Commands, faceless, sellroom & buyroom and so on, those commands are important for the players and I dont' know how to add them for comet server, if someone has an edit with...
  19. Nicholas

    Recruiting CSS Designer Needed

    Hey Clubbo Hotel is looking for a css designer to design the pages for our new cms, becoming a css designer at Clubbo Hotel will get you the dev rank and access to mostly everything but as long as you can provide clean css code. Before we accept you, you need to show is some of your work and...
  20. Nicholas

    Recruiting CSS Designer

    Hey Clubbo Hotel is looking for a css designer to design the pages for our new cms, becoming a css designer at Clubbo Hotel will get you the dev rank and access to mostly everything but as long as you can provide clean css code. Before we accept you, you need to show is some of your work and...