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  • Hello LeChris, I hope you are well. I introduce myself: my pseudonym is Coeur, I am a French player from the Habbo Hotel community and more particularly the retro-servers who revolve around the original game. I come to you to talk to you about an important project that is really close to my heart. Can you send me a private message on Discord platform ? My ID is Coeur#6413. Thank you !!
    Hello, regarding your post on my thread, would you mind adding me on Discord? I got a few things to ask. My Discord is Gabrielle#4089
    Hi there, can you please add me on Discord. I need help with your xHabbo Arcturus SWF combo package thing you posted. If you could help that would be wonderful.

    My discord is Axiatinc#0001
    Hello, would you have a minute to help me in setting up swfs with heroic? Thank you very much!
    No. Go in your database open the table heroic_settings, all you need to edit and find will be right there!
    Yeah, I did eventually fix it, was an issue with reverse proxy
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