1. firestorm68

    Necropolis |Vanilla|Loot+|Map|CC

    Hello, we want to invite you to our newly opened gaming group. If you are playing DayZ we would welcome you to join. But we also play other games. We speak German & English. Our DayZ Server Servername: Necropolis #1 |Vanilla|Loot+|Map|CC Location: EU Server-IP (PC):
  2. DDDDec

    Recruiting [Clipstone] Recruitment For Gaming Discord Server

    What is clipstone?: Clipstone is a name for a place where i grew up as a child and its mainly clipstone because i could get a short domain as well plus i like the name clipstone anyway, Clipstone is a community where you can find games to play with other people mainly in the uk as...
  3. Shal3R

    [TDA] Vanilla+ | 3PP | High Loot | PvP | Stamina | Survival

    [TDA] Vanilla+ | 3PP | High Loot | PvP | Stamina | Survival Unleash Your Survival Instincts on Our Brand New DayZ Server with Increased Loot and a FREE VIP Bonus for Early Active Players! Join Our Discord Community and Connect to Our Server at IP:! Survivor, The time has...
  4. N

    | PC US | MAP - Banov ApocalypseZ Aftermath | WEEKEND PURGE | 25K Start | AI Camps | + More

    ApocalypseZ a brand new fast growing community server with weekend only raids 24/7 PvP Huge AI camps Enriched Hunting and much more. Mods - 45 Custom Donator Gear Fully working tanks 🟢 50+ weapons 🟢 50+ different camo sets 🟢 50+ vehicles 🟢 Custom events 🟢 AI Camps 🟢 10+ Custom Made...
  5. TescoValue

    Next Generation Survival DayZ

    Next Generation Survival DayZ Welcome to modded DayZ! Whether you want amazing gun customisation, to run a drug empire or just a straight PvP, Next Generation Survival is your way forward! With a few changes to the map, our server feels a lot more apocalyptic. Towns have been overrun...
  6. Higoka

    Gaming Headset

    hey im looking for a new headset since my old turtle beach elite 800 broke. it lasted almost 4 years. but now i need a new and i cant decide between these two astro headsets. - Astro A40 TR + MixAmp Pro TR...
  7. Razornboi109

    PC Tom Clancy's The Division 2

    Hi Everyone, Due to the release of Tom Clancy's The Division 2, I thought I would make a Topic about it Is anyone here on Devbest playing the game? I sure am! and I am enjoying every bit of it, not yet at max level, but im getting their slowly! Does anyone here on PC play the game? and would...
  8. kidz

    XBOX Fortnite: Battle Royale (Squad Needed)

    Hey guys! I just got an Xbox One 2 weeks ago and I am okay at Fortnite but I have nobody to play with :(. But if you want to add me on Xbox we can play squads or duos because Fortnite is fun as hell. Thank you! Level: 26 Solo Wins: 4 Squad Wins: 1 (I never play Squads)
  9. Airz

    [REQUEST] New Gaming Forum Logo

    Hello, I am in the process of creating a new forum for gamers. The forum name is only gamers I was wondering if someone was able to make me a sleek, modern looking logo saying 'only gamers' with the only being a silver'y white and the gamers being green could I also have one designed in...
  10. M

    Recruiting RP Habbo Retro

    Hi guys, I appreciate you taking the time to look at this. I've recently decided I have too much free time and have really only been taking an interest in RP hotels for awhile now, and with previous experience in owning regular retros I have decided to pursue opening a RP. Note: I have never...
  11. MayoMayn

    Pokémon Uranium 2016

    Okay, so basically last year this game called Pokémon Uranium got released, and I downloaded it later on before it got smacked in the face with a DMCA. I had totally forgotten about it, so I might aswell put it up incase there's some Pokémon fans on here. - Sadly it doesn't work on Linux with...
  12. caution3

    PC RPG Maker MV: Making expansion packs for your game?

    Hello, as a developer of a game in early access called Attack Squad, i want to develop patches, stuff packs and expansions (Such as additional stories) as an optional extra that my (non-existing. X-3) audience they can download for free. I want to make sure it doesn't work by itself and actually...
  13. JOBAL

    GTA V BEST GTA MOD: LSPDFR (Be the Police)!

    I didn't find it fitting to put this post in the advertisement section as it isn't a server and I don't own it, I decided it would be best in resources because I will be telling you where to download it(the same page also has a tutorial). LSPDFR is a mod for GTA that has been in development...
  14. JOBAL

    Recruiting Developer - Private Game Server

    Hi, About Me My name is Josh and I've been apart of the Devbest community for awhile now, not always active though. I haven't done a lot of posting in my time here as I mostly use this forum for looking at Habbo releases and really anything interesting that someone develops. I'm 16 years...
  15. M

    Recruiting Hosting Company

    Hello, I am one of the Owners of A Hosting Company Called "SoWeHost" We are a company dedicated to provide Hosting for Services such as "Game Servers" "VPS" "Team Speak" and much more! we have had experience in the past hosting these services with the help of one of our Code Developers who is no...
  16. Ali Saied

    [Help] Habbo Retro R63b Client Error [Help]

    Hi guys ive never posted before but i recently made a habbo retro R63b. When i first made it and first went on the client everything worked brilliantly. But ever since then i cant access my client. it loads and then takes me back to the home/me page. I have checked all my configs and the...