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Not cheating? Your not trying
Dec 4, 2013
I didn't find it fitting to put this post in the advertisement section as it isn't a server and I don't own it, I decided it would be best in resources because I will be telling you where to download it(the same page also has a tutorial).

LSPDFR is a mod for GTA that has been in development for many years, there was a version for GTA IV, and recently one came out for GTA V. As well as the mod release, the community is able to submit and download their own developments (example; new cop cars, new siren/lighting systems). I did a quick browse of this section and didn't see any mention of LSPDFR, and since its such an amazing mod in my opinion, I decided to make a post for everyone to know about it!
NOTE: This mod is for PC only.

OK now for some basic info on the mod
"The LSPD First Response Modification (LSPDFR) is a police modification for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V which transforms the game into a law enforcement simulation, allowing you to conduct traffic stops, engage in high speed pursuits and enforce the law as you see fit." (excerpt from the LSPDFR website)

Here is a long list on what has been added to the GTA V LSPDFR release (in comparison to the GTA IV release)
Police Station & Duty System
  • You can now go on and off duty from the Locker Room at the Downtown Police Station
  • New drop-off points for arrested suspects have been added
  • Added RPH Console Command 'ForceDuty' to set yourself as on duty without changing player model
Police Garage
  • A new Police Garage has been added at the Downtown Police Station
  • You can go to the Police Garage at any time to select a new police vehicle
  • Added advanced combat intelligence for police units
  • Officers will now strafe, flank and reposition themselves
  • Injured suspects may now drop any weapons and flee or surrender
  • Officers are now distributed between pursuits
  • The usage of stun guns by officers has been reduced
  • Multiple improvements to suspect intelligence, including tripping over and abandoning vehicles
  • Nearby police units can now participate in pursuits
  • Added visual system with progress bar for joining/leaving pursuits
Suspect Transport
  • Arrested suspects can now be taken inside the Downtown Police Station
  • Inside the station, suspects can be led into cells
  • Support for multiple suspects within the station
  • Improved system for setting down/standing up suspects
  • Suspects can now be released at any time
Traffic Stops
  • The range of fines that can be issued has been increased
  • Suspects no longer reverse after being released
  • Suspects can resist by driving away at multiple points now
  • Added the ability to ask for the driver's ID
  • Added ambient hand-on-holster animation during menu interaction
  • Fixed conflicts with siren muting
  • Fixed interaction menu conflicts
  • Added special variants of the existing default callouts
Police Backup
  • Added multiple customisation options via Backup.XML
  • Multiple improvements to the spawning locations of units
  • As more units are called, they will respond from further away
  • Pursuit units will attempt to intercept the suspect from ahead
  • Added Local EMS Units with response type Code 3
  • Medics will attempt to revive nearby fatalities
  • Improved the way in which units arrive at scenes
  • Added Prisoner Transport units
Interaction & Police Radio
  • Added donuts, candies and E-Cola to the interaction menu
  • Speech actions are now grouped under one menu item
  • Added the ability to clear nearby roads to the Police Radio
  • Added the ability to set yourself as available for callouts to the Police Radio
  • Animations are now grouped under the Action menu item
  • New ambient animations can be performed when walking and idle
  • Added hand-on-holster action when armed with a pistol
  • An animation is now played when unholstering the stun gun
  • Vehicle Engine option now defaults to 'always on'
Stop & Identify
  • A short progress bar will now be filled when stopping pedestrians
  • Occupants of vehicles will no longer be affected.
  • You can now arrest suspects directly from these interactions (see below)
Arresting & Cuffing
  • During a Stop & Identify interaction, suspects can now be arrested
  • Using the new interactive sequences, suspects can be handcuffed and released
  • Added handcuffs object for cuffed suspects
  • Improvements to handcuffed animations
Gunpoint Takedowns
  • A new system for arresting suspects at gunpoint has been added
Downtown Police Station
  • Added full interior of the Downtown Police Station to LSPDFR
  • Includes multiple ambient events and scenarios
  • Locker Room and Cells work with other LSPDFR systems
Police Computer
  • The Police Computer should display more appropriately on 16:9 screens now
ChaseMe Mode
  • Added RPH Console Command, 'ChaseMe', which turns you into a suspect
  • While using this mode, the authorities will attempt to apprehend you
  • This uses the same intelligence and systems as normal pursuits in LSPDFR
Application Programming Interface
  • Added new methods to the API:
    • ForceEndCurrentPullover
    • GetPulloverSuspect
    • GetPursuitPeds
    • IsPedStoppedByPlayer
    • StartCallout
  • Police units will no longer despawn if the player looks away from them
  • Police vehicles are now always unlocked for the player
  • The player's last vehicle is now blipped
  • Improved compatibility with "MoreControlV" door lock functionality
  • Improved compatibility with "Realism Dispatch Enhanced" added pedestrians
  • A notification will now be displayed when LSPDFR is started
  • Other misc. bug fixes and enhancements

Heres a video made by Jeff Favignano as a part of the LSPDFR 0.3 release event for GTA V (the video is about an hour but if you skim through you will get the idea of the game and its features, maybe watch a traffic stop or a callout)

at this link is the installation guide, at the bottom of the page you will find a link to the download section where you will download the actual mod;
you will also have to download the Rage Plugin Hook which is linked on this page aswell. Link:
be sure to check out the rest of the website as well for more cool info and some additions you can put on that have been made by the community!

I am definetely not the person to ask questions about this game as my computer is terrible and can't really run it, haven't had a lot of experience with the game.

All credits to the LSPDFR development team.


Not cheating? Your not trying
Dec 4, 2013
If I'm not mistaken it's already out, lol.

Yeah it is, there was a version for GTA IV before this one.


Mar 5, 2012
Yeah, this mod is pretty good!
I need a new loader though due to RageHook plugin not being updated in a while.
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