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May 30, 2017
What is clipstone?:
Clipstone is a name for a place where i grew up as a child and its mainly clipstone because i could get a short domain as well plus i like the name clipstone anyway, Clipstone is a community where you can find games to play with other people mainly in the uk as well as hosting games like Call of duty servers, Rust servers & Project Zomboid servers. We do plan on hosting many more servers in the future & We are also in the process of making the discord server more community based to include streamers and content creators!

What positions do we have open for staff?:
Manager Positions: Twitter managers, Facebook managers, Youtube managers, Discord managers!
Moderator Positions: Rust moderators, Project Zomboid moderators, Call Of Duty moderators, Discord moderators

We are also looking for:
Content Creators: Mainly for any games that are host able like rust, project zomboid, call of duty & others
Streamers: Same as above

Do we get anything for being apart of the team?:
Yes!, I get given games & steam accounts for the things that i do for free for other people and also regularly buy a lot of games for steam to giveaway to the discord members although you wont receive money (as of right now) this is because everything is mainly non profit but as for content creators you can do the same as us like affiliate with people and market, The social media managers will help you out within this area.

I want to be apart of clipstone but don't see a position for me?:
Contact me, I'm always looking for dedicated people who want to be apart of a community for gaming!

Here's my contact details:
Email: [email protected]
Discord: weedliketosmoke
Discord Server:


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