1. TheBello

    Experienced Habbo DEV Needed for 300+ Online Retro

    Hi guys, i own a Habbo Retro server some of you might be familiar with such game it was a big game back in 2008-2014. My server has 300+ users daily. 98% Spanish but we have a fully bilingual system with real-time translations. Looking for a senior Habbo DEV, someone that been in the community...
  2. V

    Wanting to make a EMU habbo!!!

    Hello guys, so i have googled around for a while now but havent come up with anything. back in time when people wanted to make their own retro habbo server they had something called ''debbo'' and ''loader maker'' But every site is down so u cant download them. is it anyone here how to maken an...
  3. Dumbledore

    Recruiting Recruiting experienced active Developer for a retro (Paid)

    Hello, We're looking to recruit a talented Developer to work with us on our hotel. The hotel has been opened around a month and is on the first page of FindRetros and slowly reaching higher. We're doing well we just need a dedicated Developer to support when errors occur because we're not...
  4. Rehidden

    In need of a developer

    Hello, we have just opened a hotel and we are in need of a developer to help and get things working and redo some of our webskin. Payment can be discussed on discord thank you. Discord name - xSam#2264
  5. H

    Looking for a dev

    Me and a couple of my friends are looking for a developer to create a retro hotel. We have no "technical" knowledge, for this reason we are looking for someone who would like to do this, given the fact that the hotel will not be in English, we will discuss the details personally. The...
  6. H

    (PAID) Developer

    I need a developer that can set up a clean hotel, fix some bugs, fix catalogue, and get a nice CMS, fix camera problems, and small things here and there. Price can be discussed. DM me here if you are interested.
  7. RussianDude

    Recruiting Looking for developer to east-european hotel

    Me and my team of guys and girls from eastern Europe are looking for a hotel developer, or developers. We will pay for the work, the most important thing is that you are passionate, ready for difficulties (not for wages, of course) and a sociable person. Write in private messages, we will tell...
  8. kngantonioss

    Getmod Script Free Download

    Developer: Kng Antonio contact the developer for installation and documents. Discord: KngAntonio#0083 Features This script comes with a powerful CMS Categories: category name, slug, description and feature image. Powerful admin backend like WordPress Clean coding with proper commenting...
  9. Rehidden

    Looking for a developer to setup a hotel

    Hey all I'm after an experienced developer that will be able to completely set up a r63b hotel. I'd like nice and neat cms and to be using plusemu. We can speak about payments and costs if anyone is interested. Thanks.
  10. Floriaan

    Recruiting Recruiting a Developer for HTML5 Hotel!

    Hey Everyone, Looking for Dev to work on our new hotel. We are Released on HTML5 Nitro. You have to know about: Nitro-Client Typescript Php Angular Drop me a msg for more info Discord: Florian#7669
  11. Nurullah

    Habbo - YouTubeTV [(WebSocket-API)(Arctrus-Comet Servers)] Java Emulator Plugins

    Hello first :) I'm a developer. Today I made YouTube TV for java emulators. I tried to improve as best I could. ADDED FEATURES Features : -A music playback system with URL assistance -A new websocket engine that won't freeze on even the lowest servers -Powered by a separate emulator server...
  12. Zafer


    I'm looking for a hotel to develop. Paid positions only. I know well about plus emulator for example. Add my discord Zafer#0001 for details. What I can do for Hotel -Gang Wars System -Youtube TV -Hlat soccerball -The best and new furniture -New clothes -Uİ edit -Labeling System -Websocket Gang...
  13. BillyGc

    Looking For A Experienced Habbo Retro Developer.

    I Am Looking For A Developer To Create A Hotel This Task May Include But Not Limited To. Setting Up The Server Setting Up The Emulator Creating A Complete Catalog With Some Custom Furniture (All Custom Furniture Is Created Just Needs Inserted.) Setup A Price Guide Setup The Xenforo...
  14. Zafer

    I'm looking for a technician who can solve problems at my hotel.

    Hello, here are the hotel problems: -Hotel interior freeze and lag ( Very important) -Successes section bug -I’m Need a technician who knows Websocket VPS information : 10 GB RAM 12000 CPU 256 GB LOCAL DİSK I'm using a Yezz based emulator DİSCORD : Zafer#9165 I apologize for my English...
  15. R

    Developer & Team

    Looking for RuneScape Private Server Team Forums Staff, Game Staff, Discord Staff Developer or 2 Ps Atm i cant pay for the jobs to be done Hmu on Discord & Please don't waste my time if you aren't interested DISCORD: Jagex#7977
  16. I

    Searching for an Developer

    I'm looking for a developer for a new project for the Habbo scene it should not be a retro hotel but rather a fan page. I offer you: One time payment for your work or part of the project If you have any questions, I am always there Advance payment possible after consultation They should bring...
  17. xScottyBoii

    Need Few Badges Made For Retro + MORE

    Need a few badges made and few other things done along those lines. Its For :)
  18. xScottyBoii

    Looking for a DEV To Build A Retro Have £££

    Looking for a dev to be able to help me get a retro up and running, i have owned one before but was not right financial state. now i can afford everything im ready to do it! Contact Info - Im on Discord 24/7 Basically Unless Asleep. Discord - xScottyBoii#3903
  19. Michell

    Recruiting Habbo Developer

    [Recruitment] Developer C# Hi! For my upcoming project, I need someone who is able to work with C# and to do the following things: Be advised: the developer will be paid - amount will be decided with the applicant, paying will be on front. Be able to code simple RP parts in a fresh PlusEMU...
  20. Nachos

    I need a Dev, need help in a lot of stuff.

    So if you're interested in being a dev for my hotel, pm me on discord JohnCraig Gaming#6180 or just msg me on devbest.