habbo retro

  1. BigA

    Hiring staff for Frank Hotel

    Hi there, We're currently seeking staff members to help us launch and manage the Frank server, a retro for Habbo enthusiasts. Our hotel is undergoing updates and isn't yet visible to the public, but we're looking for passionate and experienced individuals to join our team and help us bring our...
  2. Obscurity67

    Is it possible for someone on radmin to join my retro habbo?

    Hello, As the title says I would like to know if it is possible to bring a friend on my retro habbo that I made without VPS only with radmin/hamachi. I have already made an attempt but when the person joins the hotel loads slowly and then displays an error message "disconnected" I look...
  3. V

    Wanting to make a EMU habbo!!!

    Hello guys, so i have googled around for a while now but havent come up with anything. back in time when people wanted to make their own retro habbo server they had something called ''debbo'' and ''loader maker'' But every site is down so u cant download them. is it anyone here how to maken an...
  4. Vengeance

    Recruiting **Hotel Developer Needed.**

    Hotel Developer Needed. So, I am thinking to open a Hotel either on Windows or Linux so looking for developer who is experienced using either one of those or both. Looking for someone who is dedicated because I want this project to progress further on.
  5. W

    How to add custom furni to nitro client?

    I was wondering how to add custom furni to a nitro based client. Can you use JPEXS to make custom furni? can you convert a swf to a .nitro file? I'm genuinely confused now.
  6. GageDodd

    Recruiting Looking for Roleplay Developer

    Good day, I am working on opening a rp server. i am looking for a front end and a backend developer, we have a great team, and a great platform too work on, already have amazing features contact me for more information Side note if you are not interested in becoming a developer do not respond...
  7. Beerie

    Need a retro Developer

    Hello, I am looking for a developer that can make and maintain a habbo retro server for me. Lockdown in Australia is really getting to me so I was hoping to start a community to pass the time. I am also open to learning on how to developed and manage a retro. I will be paying for the VPS just...
  8. L

    Retro Nitro Client stuck on connecting..

    I recently created a habbo retro with a VPS. It uses Arcturus as the emu. I encountered a problem where the Nitro client gets stuck on ''connecting'' when i try to enter the hotel. I've looked at different posts by people who seem to have the same problem as me, but none of the suggestions...
  9. Vicertor

    Help with habbo retro setup on vps

    I need help to setup my habbo retro on my vps. Can anyone help me
  10. Rehidden

    Looking for a developer to setup a hotel

    Hey all I'm after an experienced developer that will be able to completely set up a r63b hotel. I'd like nice and neat cms and to be using plusemu. We can speak about payments and costs if anyone is interested. Thanks.
  11. Killer


    Good night! Does anyone have the ARCTURUS SWF download link? Pass me please. Where do I set up SWF links? Do you have a table in the DB? Or is it in the CMS?
  12. mendozx

    My best designs for retros

    I want to show you my designs, you have all my work in the links below the images, I hope you like them. Logos More logos here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/97157827/Logotipos-estilo-habbo Other pixel arts: more arts here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/97155775/Disenos-pixel-art...
  13. BillyGc

    Looking For A Experienced Habbo Retro Developer.

    I Am Looking For A Developer To Create A Hotel This Task May Include But Not Limited To. Setting Up The Server Setting Up The Emulator Creating A Complete Catalog With Some Custom Furniture (All Custom Furniture Is Created Just Needs Inserted.) Setup A Price Guide Setup The Xenforo...
  14. A

    [HELP] All Furni's Teleport to one tile

    Hey! I have a very strange problem with my hotel. I tested my retrohotel on localhost on my own PC and everything worked fine in the client. But after throwing it & configuring it in my VPS I ran into a problem. The client works and everything inside the client works fine, except that all the...
  15. A

    [HELP] index not detected?

    Hey! So I am working on a new hotel, but I ran into an obstacle. I have set up and configured everything etc, but as soon as I visit the hotel link, I get this error: https://prnt.sc/sm6yqz Looks like it is not detecting my index.php? I don't see any other errors (I think). As soon as I...
  16. mendozx

    Staff badges exclusive 7u7

    Download here colaborador deejay Game Master Inter Publicista MOD ADMIN Manager CeoFounder este pack de placas creado por mí es un aporte para la comunidad si alguien las utiliza por favor deje las gracias :) This pack of badges created by me is a contribution to the community, if someone uses...
  17. mendozx

    Graphics i made for your client

    if you want contact me :) facebook: https://www.facebook.com/victor.m.mendoza.75 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/manuel_mendozx/
  18. S

    Laksa Hotel - The new Asia Hotel

    What is Laksa Hotel? Laksa Hotel is a brand new online Habbo retro in the community. The hotel is under development, expecting a lot of changes over the weeks. Hence, we are currently looking for great people to join our team. If you have a creative mind and have lots of game ideas, this hotel...
  19. IMPRetros

    Public Room - Custom Homeroom [MPU/BG/ADS/HOLO]

    Hello Everyone my name is Alper SALTAN & i've got some background about Habbo BG. if you like, you can support to me. Facebook : fb.com/AlperRETROS Discord : SALTAN#5649 // FULL IMAGE LINKS // :up::up::up::up::up::up::up::up::up::up::up::up: https://tr.link/4rMyxc https://tr.link/HWcHFz...
  20. ScrambledInTime

    Flash Cabbo Hotel | The Reboot

    CLICK HERE TO JOIN CABBO! INTRO Cabbo was created originally founded by Gage back in 2013, and managed by @Kylie and developed by @Meap I have decided to re-open Cabbo again, under new management. Cabbo used to peak at 60+ daily, but unfortunately closed due to personal issues. However, we...