1. X

    [PC/FiveM] Devise RP | Looking For Devs | Recently Wiped! | Economy Based Server | Gangs Whitelisted | Small but Active Community | Whitelisted Jobs |

    At Devise Roleplay, you'll find mechanics that already feel intuitive to you, as well as many new ones to keep things fresh and interesting. We just went through an overhaul of the city with awesome and cool new features to find in Roleplay! We have a core group of players who are committed to...
  2. ADuckInASuit

    GTA V [FIVEM] Looking for Playerbase, Staff & People to fill out Departments!

    Server Name - New Life Role Play Join Link - Social Media - Type/Tags - Serious Roleplay, EMS, LEO, FD, CC, VMENU, Description - New Life RP is a fairly new project launched by some very experienced Five M Players, we're currently looking to fill...
  3. JOBAL

    GTA V BEST GTA MOD: LSPDFR (Be the Police)!

    I didn't find it fitting to put this post in the advertisement section as it isn't a server and I don't own it, I decided it would be best in resources because I will be telling you where to download it(the same page also has a tutorial). LSPDFR is a mod for GTA that has been in development...