1. DDDDec

    Hiring moderators!

    I need some moderators for 2 servers ive been hosting for a while, There isnt a player base for these 2 servers yet which is why i want to hire some people to work with me! Im looking to fill some spots for these games: Project zomboid. Rust. If you have some spare time available to work with...
  2. A

    +-FOTE-+ - Your Second Life in a Zombie Apocalypse -

    +-FOTE-+ - Your Second Life in a Zombie Apocalypse - New Server Features Large and tougher but slow Zombie Hordes aim for the head! Economy system Raise Chickens and Pigs and sell produce or eat to survive. Grow cannabis to smooth over the bad times or sell for a profit at the traders...
  3. Z

    Translate MOD Tool

    How I can translate the MOD Tool? Please help again :D Picture:
  4. jazzy348

    Recruiting Reviving a dead hotel

    Morning DevBest, As some of you may possibly be aware of, ArchieZone use to be a very successful hotel back in 2010 - 2011 before being shut down by a DMCA (just google the name if you don't believe me) I'm lookingn for a strong and eccentric staff team to help bring the hotel back on its feet...
  5. JOBAL

    GTA V BEST GTA MOD: LSPDFR (Be the Police)!

    I didn't find it fitting to put this post in the advertisement section as it isn't a server and I don't own it, I decided it would be best in resources because I will be telling you where to download it(the same page also has a tutorial). LSPDFR is a mod for GTA that has been in development...
  6. Delete

    PC Minecraft SkyFactory 2: How to Begin

    Welcome to Minecraft SkyFactory modded survival! This tutorial will teach you the basics of SkyFactory and how to build your factory. When you start up Minecraft SkyFactory and you go to create a world, make sure you change your settings so your world type is "Void World" Should look something...
  7. Elias1601


    Hello guys! First of all, this might seem ridicolous but i will still try. So i was actually on my way to start up a retro hotel again, as ive owned 5 retros before, i bought one of them and took it over. But i got a huge problem that i cannot seem to remember everything to create one, and ive...