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  1. joaowars776

    Pack Arcturus & AtomCMS (Nitro 2.1.1, Arcturus 3.5.1 & Custom Clothes) Easy and Free

    Do you want the files already converted, with the latest update, without having to do almost anything? Follow my new video with a new teaching style (colors representing something, to make it easier for those who have difficulty) What's in the Pack: (All Updated 9/29/2022) AtomCMS Nitro 2.1.1...
  2. K

    Recruiting [WANTED] Pixel artist to create a game

    [For a quick read, look for bold text] /!\ THIS IS NOT A HABBO RECRUITMENT. HABBO’S REFERENCES ARE JUST TO HELP THE BRAIN TO IMAGING SOME BASES Greetings, Thew days ago, I started to create in Unity, a game based on some functions of Habbo. It will be a 2.5D game. Meaning, 2D sprites in 3D...
  3. mendozx

    [RARE] Leo Messi .swf

    I designed this for your Habbo retro :)like for more ^^ Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/0totzo2tohtj32x/LeoMessi_byMendozx.swf/file More furnis by me: https://www.furnibuilder.com/profile/1057/furniture/1 DISCORD Mendozx#2920 FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/victor.m.mendoza.75
  4. mendozx

    Graphics i made for your client

    if you want contact me :) facebook: https://www.facebook.com/victor.m.mendoza.75 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/manuel_mendozx/
  5. S

    Laksa Hotel - The new Asia Hotel

    What is Laksa Hotel? Laksa Hotel is a brand new online Habbo retro in the community. The hotel is under development, expecting a lot of changes over the weeks. Hence, we are currently looking for great people to join our team. If you have a creative mind and have lots of game ideas, this hotel...
  6. I

    looking for someone to host/own my habbo retro with me

    Hey, so i'm thinking about creating a Habbo Retro.. but i'm not much experienced with hosting it, etc.. and i'm underage.. i would love for someone to host it with.. (of course i will have a developer team, unless you yourself know how)(and you will get the owner rank).. let me know by inboxing...
  7. H

    Request Site Logo Needed

    We're looking for someone who can make a logo like the image below, Saying Habrock. We really need this done as soon as possible, Please post it below when finished, Thank you!
  8. AlexMatterson

    Recruiting Might Relauch Habrock.pw

    We'll was going to relaunch habboon but seeing as the old owners are back and I'm good friends with one of them I'm not. I bought the domain habrock.pw a few months ago and its just been sitting there in my domains list, I'm thinking of relaunching habrock.pw, but im not too sure. I'm open to...
  9. AlexMatterson

    Flash Zabbo Hotel - Join now and become part of a wonderful community!

    ZABBO.UK INTRO Zabbo Hotel has recently been re-created, in a new image! With an excellent economy, dedicated & experienced developers/staff, an updated catalog, friendly staff, and a good atmosphere - we can guarantee a pleasant experience within our hotel. With paid protection & dedicated...
  10. A

    Recruiting Developer

    Hi guys! Habbo.MN is currently looking for 2 developers! One for web developing and the other for emulator developing! Web - Conditions: - JS (would be divine!!) - PHP - CSS - HTML - Laravel - MySQL Emulator - Conditions: - Java (would be perfect) or C# - able to code features for an emulator...
  11. A

    Recruiting Looking for technicians

    HabboTC is an old German hotel which decided to change their community from German to English users. The project was founded in 2011/2012 and closed for a duration of 4 months in 2017. For 3 years we have had a decreasing user count and for this we have decided to become the first German...
  12. Nevoeiro

    Erro Fatal

    When I go to buy 1 pack of rooms (with all mobis in places) the buy button hangs and my emulator appears in the following error *Erro fatal durante a inicialização:System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array. at...
  13. C

    [Suggestion] Names for my hotel [Suggestion]

    Over the past days I have been thinking of names for my hotel but they all seemed to be taken so if anyone has a good enough and appropriate name for my hotel please reply down below. Thanks you! :D
  14. M

    Recruiting Looking for coder

    Whiling to pay someone $100+ if there able to do the following -Custom CMS e.g( change little things on it that i want changing) -Emu change the loading logo to my hotel logo -Emu change the home letter `H` to a letter 'N' on the emu -Add the new furnitue / clothing that i haven't already got...
  15. KiritoP


  16. F

    Plus Emu debug help

    Step by Step how to debug plus emu
  17. TheNotorious

    RELEASE] 2 New Items + Habboween 2016 Pack

    Hi DevBest HOX! WATCH ALL SPOILERS! Images: Downloads: test_ltd2 and test_ltd Habboween Pack And the 2016 Habboween pack [ For Azure? ] No image founded.
  18. VastHabbo

    Recruiting VastHabbo is Hiring Staff! // Un-Official Habbo Fansite // Management Staff Needed!

    Hello! I'm Jake, an owner at VastHabbo with my friends Nick and Jay. We are looking for staff at all roles within our Habbo fansite community. We have roles from Senior Administrator all the way down Radio DJ! If you would like a job at our fansite, please sign up at vasthabboforum or add me on...
  19. R


  20. jakecossington0

    Flash Hablink Hotel (DDoS Protection, Great Community, Great Staff, Hiring, Custom EMU and Custom CMS)

    What is Hablink Hotel? We are a R63 retro that strives to maintain a professional image, from our unique CMS to our client we have much to offer. Hablink is currently owned by Kurt and our Managers, Rosie and Jake. We have a friendly community that is waiting for you! We host many competitions...