1. mendozx

    Staff badges. pack

    Hello! I share with you this graphic resource: a series of badges for the staff team. If you like them, I'll be happy to share them with you. best regards! 😊 OWNER. DEVELOPER.MANAGER.CEO. ADMIN. Discord: Mendozx#2920
  2. xScottyBoii

    Need Few Badges Made For Retro + MORE

    Need a few badges made and few other things done along those lines. Its For :)
  3. Medici

    Recruiting GFX/Pixel Artist (Paid)

    Hello Devbest: I am now in search of a skilled GFX and/or Pixel Artist. Looking to hire individuals that can effectively execute both or at least one of the two. Jobs will include creation of custom logos, banners, icons, badges, furniture, clothing, etc. The artist(s) will be paid per...
  4. RizyGFX

    Feedback #Suggestions - Working on a New Project

    Was on my girls Hotel bored so i designed a room in the floor-plan editor and transferred it into photoshop and ended up with this as my final project.. Honest feedback would be appreciated and if you guys want ill release this to the public drop if i get 15 likes on this post :)
  5. Creed

    Feedback What can I do better?

    Hello DevBest's Habbo community, this would be my first official post. :eek: I've been working on an eye-catching FindRetros banner for my hotel and I'd say I have finally done so (after 3 weeks yikes..). I loved creating a frame by frame gif the process I'm asking how you all like it. I'm...
  6. Maaaarcel

    [Badges] Custom Staff Badges

    ↑ What could this be? Thought I'd share some of my own Badges. They're something different then the usual Staff badges*¹ AdminStaff Community LeitungMod ____________________________________________________________________ **Extra Mello (Marshmello & Bastille - Happier) Download at -...
  7. treebeard

    Seeking Graphic Artist For FindRetro Banner [$ Payment]

    Greetings everyone, I'm looking for someone capable of making a decent banner for my hotels Find Retro page. I am absolutely rubbish at graphic design or any type of image editing, my own attempt was sad lol. I have a general idea for the design but am definitely open to an actual artists'...
  8. Airz

    [REQUEST] New Gaming Forum Logo

    Hello, I am in the process of creating a new forum for gamers. The forum name is only gamers I was wondering if someone was able to make me a sleek, modern looking logo saying 'only gamers' with the only being a silver'y white and the gamers being green could I also have one designed in...
  9. S

    Habbo Graphics Pack

    Habbo Graphics Pack Release Contains Banners, Icons, Thumbnails and Some various other things. Might be useful to some graphics designers or people to use on CMS etc or on hotels. Not sure if this is in the right section but here you go.
  10. RizyGFX

    Feedback Suggestions on Changes?

    This is one of my Originals, I'll be releasing it to the Public soon... Can you please leave all feedback down below on changes i can make CHANGE LOG: Patch 1.1 I ADDED DIFFERENT COLOR SHOES
  11. RizyGFX

    Feedback Welcome Lobby 2018 Release (Graphic)

    Here a little remodel that would look amazing to use as a Hotel Welcome Lounge or a Help Desk! I replaces the images in the posters so you can decide which one you like the most Click Here For Floor Plans [/SPOILER]
  12. RizyGFX

    Service Need Graphics Done?

    Hi, my names RizyGFX (Most people know me as "Wrizzle") I do Graphics for people that own Hotels and RP's I do remodels and originals (Custom Room ads, Banners, Rares) ATM I'm remodeling some swfs My Contact Info: Facebook/RizyGFX [email protected] NOVARP Discord ---->...
  13. 5

    Make your own reception_logo_drape!

    All the cool hotels are doing it, and now so can you! Open up the following file in a photo editor like or Photoshop: Get rid of the HABBO font by brushing over it with the background colour until it's blank. Now, download the font in the attachments. Start cutting and pasting the...
  14. Pinkman

    Feedback New banner?!

    Hello guys, So lately @Owen has been doing some mental work and I got this electric impulse saying "Ninja, you must do better then Owen!" So hence Im trying to learn Pixel now! Only kidding! But I am starting to learn pixel and do similar stuff to Owen since he is an inspirational figure...
  15. Primal

    Feedback [RATING] Pixel Badge's [RATING]

    Welcome! I started to learn ''How to Pixel'' and spend a lot of time to Pixel something and this is why i want to show you my results for giving me kind of ''Tips'' or ''What can i do better?'' If you have a little Rating or type of Tips let me know them in the comments.. Results: Type of...
  16. MayoMayn

    In need of a logo

    Heya Devbest! Since my skills in illustrator etc is seriously bad, I'd appreciate if somebody could create a logo for me. Haven't got really that much of a design in my head, but my only requirement is that it should fit onto my website. - Paid? Depends on your skills.
  17. Assholic

    Service FindRetros Animated Banners

    been inactive for awhile but im back for good. send me details on skype (assholic69) or kik (assh0lic) if you want me to finish up ur request asap. samples:
  18. xXAspireXx

    Service Habbo Retro Banner

    Just Pm me if you need Basic Banner Thanks !
  19. sumo

    [Release] Custom Enables

    Hello, Devbest. I recently made a custom SMG enable for HoloRP. I then discovered that other hotels were stealing it earlier than expected, so I decided to release it on behalf of getting the proper credit: Also, while I'm here, I may as well release my simple edit on...
  20. ConnorMckail

    Request Karma Hotel needs a banner!

    Hi Guys!, Karma hotel is a new and exciting retro that has recently opened. As we are climbing the findretros pages extremely fast due to our high user activity we need a new banner so we can look more professional compared to the hotels we are sitting with. if you could help us out please let...