1. AZHotel

    Request Banner Needed Rig Hotel/RIGRP

    Hey I need a findretros banner made for my hotel and rp (rp under closed beta) I want the style to be modern day habbo and really creative. Here is details about the hotel: -R63(A) -Updated -Pro -Dedicated -Hiring -Protected -Custioms...
  2. Evilsmoothie

    [REQUEST] Old custom clothes used on v26 RP hotels (ref. included)

    Hey you angry lovely people! I assume this is the right section. Either way, in short I spent the past 4 hours before I went to sleep looking my ass off on google and on forums for the clothes used on HabboRP (and other v26 rps) back when Sojobo ran it. I want the police top the most. I got one...
  3. Nidal

    badges & graphics of mine