1. ConnorMckail

    [HELP] I need a FindRetros Banner?

    Hi, recently opened my hotel Karma, we are heading up the pages in FindRetros pretty quick due to high user activity, is there anyone out there that could help me out as i want to remain as professional as possible and my banner atm is not that professional. Thanks! Hotel name karmahotel
  2. AZHotel

    Request Banner Needed Rig Hotel/RIGRP

    Hey I need a findretros banner made for my hotel and rp (rp under closed beta) I want the style to be modern day habbo and really creative. Here is details about the hotel: -R63(A) -Updated -Pro -Dedicated -Hiring -Protected -Custioms...
  3. Evilsmoothie

    [REQUEST] Old custom clothes used on v26 RP hotels (ref. included)

    Hey you angry lovely people! I assume this is the right section. Either way, in short I spent the past 4 hours before I went to sleep looking my ass off on google and on forums for the clothes used on HabboRP (and other v26 rps) back when Sojobo ran it. I want the police top the most. I got one...
  4. Nidal

    badges & graphics of mine