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Retro What do you think makes a retro successful?

Discussion in 'Habbo Retros' started by Dylannnn, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. Kruel

    Kruel Holla Holla

    I think it is not so easy to narrow it down on what makes a good retro because a lot of it is down to luck when it comes to user count,
    • A good functioning cms
    • Friendly and effective staff members
    • Constant updates to keep the hotel fresh and appealing to users
    • Stable economy
    • Rooms to be Aesthetically pleasing
    That's really all I can think of off the top of my head but they're are loads more.
  2. Ch4ka

    Ch4ka bamboozled

    Amazing Staff, Anti-lag Connections, Great Economy and Friendly Users. i think thats it
  3. TheRealMoonman

    TheRealMoonman I eat babies

    1. Fast VPS
    2. Ddos Protected
    3. Don't advertise everywhere other wise if you don't have no.2 your fucked :)
    4. Create a bond with your users
    5. Hire your most trusted people & Don't advertise with first amount of users that joins gets staff or watever
    6. If R63 or R63B use a open source emulator so you can add features (GTE, Mercury etc)
    7. Make sure VIP has alot of features and is cheap
    8. Have a clean cata
    9. Good events staff that know most events
    10. Clean CMS, make sure there are no errors
  4. Ch4ka

    Ch4ka bamboozled

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  5. anonymDE

    anonymDE New Member

    What a good retro need is a perfect community management. your cms can be good as you want, but i stay in a retro with a funny management.
  6. Kruel

    Kruel Holla Holla

    I think that's more personal preference than anything.​
  7. iLuzDemSkittles

    iLuzDemSkittles Active Member

    What makes a good habbo retro is
    1: Loyalty within the users and yourself
    2: Dedication take time off and have fun with the users don't be boring
    3: Make sure you don't have to much staff
    4: Keep bringing new things in the hotel, like new events and etc.
    5: Security, keep the users info safe,
    6: Keep the users busy, with events and etc.
    7: Don't put the hotel on maintenance all the time or the users will leave.
    8: Most importantly is............ Never let go.

    Leave a like if you think i'm right.
  8. T3ch

    T3ch Active Member

    Being unique :)

    MANS_NOT_HOT this is what democracy looks like

    I always preferred to be on retros with a lighter, and laid back play style. That being said, there also needs to be a small filter on what can and will cause you to become banned or gain extra moderation..It's also good for their to be tons of events, and a stable economy
  10. soughsous

    soughsous New Member

    hey man pm me we can do great things.
  11. Neil

    Neil Active Member

    Well for me I feel Active staff team great cms and good security (like if the website is secured well) And a radio.
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 1, 2016, Original Post Date: Feb 1, 2016 ---
    Also I am looking for staff position for anyone who making any new retro game PM me please I would love to join the staff team.
  12. Roper

    Roper Member

    I've been in the retro scene since 2008, and I would like to share my opinion on what makes a 'good' or 'successful' hotel.

    1) Money
    It goes without saying, if you're running a retro and all you care about is making money then you're in it for the wrong reasons. The whole concept of a Habbo Retro is for people to have a free, but just as enjoyable, emulation (copy) of Habbo Hotel. If the owner only wants money, why would he care about his/her users?

    2) Economy
    You can't just give a user, for example, 1000000 coins and expect them to enjoy it. While some users will enjoy having a good "start-up fund", the people who will be dedicated players and keep returning will be the people that want to log on, play some evens and win some credits (or even rares). By giving the users a reason to come on, they are more likely to return. Perhaps only release a rare a week, and only release 25 of them. This keeps the economy stable and gives users a reason to come back, earn credits and buy rare(s).

    3) Management/Staff Team
    It's all about team work. You have to remember that the only thing that seperates users and staff are their badges, a few extra tools (such as mod tool) and that is pretty much it. Staff should be working together, and working as part of a team (regardless of how big or small your community is). Staff should be friendly, approachable, respectful, and generally an all-round nice person. If your staff are power hungry, or just want the rank for the catalog, they shouldn't be staff. You need a good team that works well together and enjoys the time they spend on "their" hotel.

    4) Server
    Did you know, that back in it's prime, Zap Hotel (Owned by Jonteh) was running on a VPS that had 3GB RAM? Not many did. You can run a stable, reliable hotel on a server with as little as 2GB RAM, providing that it is configured properly and things such as MySQL and Apache/IIS have been optimised. Users don't care whether you're running on a 2GB VPS or a 16GB Dedicated Server - all they want to know is that the hotel will be online 24/7, with little to no lag or downtime and that if things do go wrong then someone is around to sort it out as quickly as possible.

    5) Emulator/CMS
    With the likes of @Sledmore's latest release, Plus Emulator (Habboon Edition), It is pretty hard for the "newbies" to make their hotels stand out. With a bit of time, and studying, you can learn to implement your own features into the Emulator or CMS and truly make your hotel different to the rest. With good ideas, and a good coder, you'll be unstoppable.

    I know that was a hefty post, and It is probably the longest one I have ever posted on here - but that's my two cents.

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  13. Estrominal

    Estrominal New Member

    This is going to be a long post lol, but the story gives my opinion on a good retro. I remember the first retro I found out about was through the same family friends who introduced me to Habbo. It ended up getting shut down by Sulake which sucked. It was Yabbo hotel if anyone knows it, owner was this guy named Blue. (Also this co-owner guy named Nevada but for the whole 2 years I was there I literally never saw him speak in chat other than announcing something like an event, complete opposite of the other owner)

    Though some things that made it completely amazing to 10-12 year old me(And I'm sure current me would love it too):
    • The staff were super nice. I was good friends with all them along with the family friends I talked about.
    • The staff always hosted good games. Not just hosting it because they have to, they genuine loved hosting and wanted to host. A staff member who was exceptionally good with wired created many wired games that retros never seen before and made the scene very competitive around the hotel. Even Admins would make those roller races and around a 100 people would show up. Another great part was that they were mostly original games(Or at least ones I've never played before), usually every week or so a staff member or someone would think up of a clever original game and it would be a hit all around the hotel. And of course they'd still have the classics around like melting carpets and such.
    • Someone mentioned being a friendly owner, well the owner was over the top on Yabbo. This hotel constantly had holiday events(there was even an olympics), and in this one ninja maze with rollers etc, staff members including the owners would be at the finishing room to grant prizes and congratulate winners. I was one of the first people to finish and sat there and had a good 2 hour long conversation with the owner. I was just a kid so I bet I bored him to death and made really silly comments, but he genuinely enjoyed speaking with a player of his hotel and cared for everyone there. He added me when the event was over and we still spoke occasionally via PM, he wouldn't mind me asking anything but he was usually too busy for anything other than a concern/question, which I understood. Also understand that not only the owner was like this, I had every single staff member on my friends list (Except a few like that co-owner mentioned above) and hung out with them from time to time.
    • A good economy. Being the richest on the hotel was really competitive. Betting was probably what I spent a third of my time doing and it was honestly so much fun. How the staff made the economy was literally perfect imo. You would start off with 5k credits and it was based around goldbars, but rares would go in this order: Rare - Super - Ultra. Rares were stuff vips could purchase in their shop like parasols etc. Supers were stuff like thrones, icm machines, dragons, dinos, typos, etc. Now ultras were the super rare stuff, some of them being furni with only like 30 on the entire hotel etc, these were usually given out at huge events like those holiday events so their value would diminish over time as more got out. A throne was like 200 gbs and ultras got pretty high up, some in the thousands.
    • And the last thing I'm going to mention: A good community. Everyone there was extremely nice just like the staff. Of course there would be the usual trolls and such but it was such an amazing community and the only time we'd start something would just be trash talk in the competitive scene. It was that type of community where even if there was so many players, you could get to know all of them seeing them in events/casinos and such. (I'll just leave in here that Yabbo was on r63 which I personally love way more for it's layout and how simple it was. I'm a noob with retros though, don't even know what a CMS is, nor any idea how retros work in general)
    Well that's how I enjoyed my first and best retro. It was absolutely great and would love to be back on there, much better than the retros now. On retros like habboon the events just feel forced and the community isn't there like I felt it on Yabbo. Oh well, most good things come to an end.
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  14. iGlenn

    iGlenn :)

    - Decent CMS
    - Good userbase
    - Nice and helpful staff
    - Good catalogue
    - Originality
    - Unique features
    - Tons of events and competitions to keep the users occupied and entertained
    - Good economy
    - Decent amount of starting coins and duckets
    - A diamond system where users can earn diamonds and spend them in the special diamond catalogue
    - Free standard vip
    - Lag free server and fast cms

    MANS_NOT_HOT this is what democracy looks like

    Demanding nudes from users *
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  16. Roman12345

    Roman12345 Member

    1) Marketing
    2) Player Base to start with
    3) Stability
    4) Good Economy

    1st being most important 4th being least.

    MANS_NOT_HOT this is what democracy looks like

    Demanding nudes is most important
  18. iGlenn

    iGlenn :)

    Does marketing even matter in retros as the only people who are gonna play are most likely people from habbo? and i'm pretty sure when you first make a hotel you don't have a player base, well most people.
  19. Roman12345

    Roman12345 Member

    Exactly, thats why its so hard to get a retro started.

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