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Retro What do you think makes a retro successful?

Discussion in 'Habbo Retros' started by Dylannnn, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. Dylannnn

    Dylannnn New Member

    Well, what do you think makes a retro successful?

    In my opinion a successful retro will need, good staff members, nice catalogue, nice cms and unique feature.

    Post your's below.
  2. Reedz

    Reedz Iron Addict

    Unique CMS, dedicated and happy staff members, good economy.
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  3. iRekan

    iRekan XboxOneFTW!

    I'd like to go on a retro that can compete with Habbo at least and it can have unique features no other retro has. In my opinion, it needs to have working games in client and features that even Habbo don't have. It isn't all about making money.
  4. ThatBlackMan

    ThatBlackMan New Member

    As Reedz said, Unique CMS, Dedicted staff, also Good uptime and stable!
  5. GoatSausage

    GoatSausage New Member

    I find hotels who keep their style professional and hire somewhat decent moderators to be the most successful and along with unique features that no other hotels have.
  6. Sals

    Sals Actions speak louder than words

    A community, nobody stays on a hotel that they just get cursed the hell out of; there's no such thing as being unique in the retro community as most things have already been done as the niche isn't very flexible.

    The CMS has to be aesthetically appealing otherwise most people wont even bother registering.
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  7. Cedar

    Cedar Member

    I totally agree from all of the above said.
    It really attracts people if you got a little uniqueness in the hotel with some friendly staff and users.
  8. TinyBuilder

    TinyBuilder Bike ✔

    1st: A worthy reason to play (Obviously it must have some fun there)
    2nd: Unique and decent CMS
    3rd: Sincere, non-abusive and limited staff members
    4th: Normal VIP prices
    5th: Making the community happy (By avoiding rollbacks)
    6th: Friendly owner (Yes many players are a fan of the hotel owner. Owner must talk back to them)
    7th: Respecting the users

    A basic thing that's required for a successful retro is that they must ensure that they can afford for a VPS for their whole life (Which will not lead in closing the hotel). A successful retro must never shut down, close or even merge.
  9. Vinnie

    Vinnie Member

    True deducted staff, friendly and mature.
    Actually enforcing hotel rules and not giving countless chances and warnings.
  10. Puridee

    Puridee Member

    Things that make a retro successful are the simple things (most others have said):

    - A unique content management system (CMS) that has custom styles, and shops (badge shop, rare shop, points shop, group page shop, promote your group, and others).

    - An economy that is friendly to new-comers and is very loyal.

    - An emulator that has features that are 100% fully working, with little to no bugs, and could hold the right minimum of user connections.

    - Professional (and trained) staff members that are good problem solvers, and will treat all users the same.

    - Security and protection to prevent any hacking, exploiting, or any other harmful things.

    - Management - which means they only give out rares when they are on Limited Edition (catalogue section) or a weekly event. Also, manage the community in a way like Habbo(.com)

    Which [ Want to see this link? Register ! ] has , so join today!
  11. 937732

    937732 Member

    I think whats makes retro hotel successful is friendly and mature staff. The owner of the retro can't be 12 y/old. Also I think the users have a big voice to say whats makes the retro spescial.

    It's maybe different in every country. But I know from the retro I run ([ Want to see this link? Register ! ]) that activity is importent. Not only in the news section but also on social medias. Not to take VIP Money into a own pocket, but use it to make the hotel better. Let the users have something that other hotels don't, pay someone to make customs for you. Right now Habin is the official test hotel for [ Want to see this link? Register ! ].

    Remember to also have a good staff list. I would say for the users to be happy, hire 1 moderator each 75 user online. So if the hotel have 1 000 online, you should have around 13/14 moderators.
  12. TheCoffeeTableGamer

    TheCoffeeTableGamer New Member

    There are a few things that come to mind when I think of what makes a good retro.
    • Custom CMS (Fully working)
    • Mature experienced staff. I can't stand it when people only go on a retro to try and gain a staff position when there only like 10.
    • Security
    • A good fully working Emulator
    • Fast Server(or whatever there called)
    • A community that helps each other out and is friendly
    • Basically just a retro that is clean, friendly and fun to be at
  13. LeRebel

    LeRebel :)

    Nice design
    Good Emulator
    Good VPS 2gb Ram< Mature And Experienced Staff
  14. StainedBedSheets

    StainedBedSheets Trollin' since '96

    Let's face it - Every good Retro must be supported by alot of Money - for good VPS, host etc.
    If the retro wanted the members to stay - the best thing is hope, hope that they could get staff from open applications.
    Close to perfect CMS and a feature that attracts all types of users.
  15. Expiry

    Expiry Anarchist

    What makes a retro successful is the people who play the hotel honestly. I've owned multiple hotels, and my cms's have been nice, along with the staff ive hired, the events that were hosted, and the economy of all of the hotels. But I've never had a good community, with people who avidly stick to the hotel, who are just cool and friendly people that anyone could talk to. Thats the reason mine have failed, and is why most hotels fail. Without a community the hotel will get no where.
  16. zMagenta

    zMagenta Posting Freak

    • Dedication.
    • Effort.
    • Uniqueness.
    • Commitment.
    • Money.
    Got them 5, you will succeed.
  17. j4ke

    j4ke Member

    Sexy CMS, unique SWF's, working EMU, friendly staff, daily events, Money, Reliable host, Active users, etc.
  18. Nice CMS - A good working emu - good staff - events - good economy -and most of all the users
  19. Balls

    Balls Member

    Unique CMS, big Catalouge (organised), Active and dedicated staff, no lag, lots of users, lots of events and "weekly" rares not monthly.
  20. BrianRetros

    BrianRetros Member

    Free coins!
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