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Retro What do you think makes a retro successful?

Discussion in 'Habbo Retros' started by Dylannnn, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. Baller

    Baller Member

    -Experienced Staff and non-nooby staff
    -Hot CMS and SWF's
    -Owner or Tech who can code
    -Strong Userbase
    -Consistent Advertising
    -Something to keep users busy(ROTW,Events, etc.,)
    -Good Economy
    -R63b is a bonus
  2. Graphics

    Graphics Member

    Good community, good staff, friendly staff and a premium domain, not .tk.
  3. Brown

    Brown idk

    Customs, the more unique a hotel is the better in my opinion.
  4. KingAmir

    KingAmir Member

    - Good Eco
    - Experienced staff members
    - Daily staff events
    - Active users/staff members
    - Awesome CMS
    - Organized Cata
  5. Sledmore

    Sledmore Chaturbate Livestreamer Staff Member FindRetros Moderator

    • Experienced staff team.
    • Active Events & Competitions.
    • Updated, clean and fast website.
    • Updated, stabled and open source emulator for the hotel to work on.
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  6. broges

    broges Welcome To The Machine

    Good CMS, Great staff, stable economy, custom features.
  7. Nerfed

    Nerfed Godzilla

    I think that a successful retro is a retro which is unique to other retro's and even Habbo.
    I would most definitely go on a hotel which has a:
    • Forum
    • Voice Chat Server (Teamspeak Etc)
    • Game Server (Minecraft Etc)
    • And many more things such as a bug-tracker
    Great, 100% working, updated Catalogue.
    Not too many customs, keeping things tidy.
    Professional staff.
    Daily Events, Happenings and Goals within the hotel, e.g usercount.
    Also the CMS and Emu are pretty vital.
    Hotels that really impress me, are hotel which build their own CMS/EMU.
  8. broges

    broges Welcome To The Machine

    I think voice chat is a little unreasonable, instant private messaging would be better.
  9. Nerfed

    Nerfed Godzilla

    I think it's a great idea actually, voice chatting directly with your friends or just random people from the hotel which you are dying to meet.
    Obviously it's an optional thing which you get invited to, by your hotel owner, or whoever own's the server.

    We've had this in a previous Babbo Hotel, and it was successful (Yes, there was Babbo V1, V2, V3 and currently V4 owned by Wouto/j4ck)
  10. broges

    broges Welcome To The Machine

    I thought you meant support chat.
  11. Nerfed

    Nerfed Godzilla

    No haha. Just general discussion.
  12. Joshy2597

    Joshy2597 Member

    People say the CMS, tbh the CMS means shit all. When it comes down to it. It`s the community, people do not join cause of the CMS, they join cause of the community.
  13. Jacob

    Jacob Member

    Something that make's the hotel stand out, and make's it unqiue! Not the same routine, you hop on find a CMS your eye's are bored of, and a habbo.swf that's just ugly and old, you've got to make it unqiue, have your own CMS, and own edited habbo.swf I would say, and maybe free stuff.
  14. Records

    Records Professional

    I think a successful retro is one that has a stable emulator with custom commands, unique features. Good user count, no bugs. Custom catalogue, and a customized CMS!
  15. Chronical

    Chronical New Member

    What makes it successful is how different it is from others and the people that play it. Otherwise it's just as good as the rest of the bunch.
  16. JonnyBoy

    JonnyBoy New Member

    • Unique CMS
    • Nice & Friendly Staff
    • Great Community (Aswell as lots of users, or it will get boring)
    • Events
    • Good Catalog
  17. Westyy

    Westyy Festive Donator Staff Member

    Unique features, active staff, events, Stable emulator. Smart staff & always listen to what the users want :)
  18. Xercez

    Xercez New Member

    Well My answer would be to run a stable server, put energy to it, have a dedicated staff, events, coordinated, goals, have a good community, welcome everyone and strive to update the hotel.
  19. Zephyrus

    Zephyrus Wanderer

    Right about now, I'd say ihabbo is the most unique hotel as it has features that have not been created into Habbo, although it uses the r63A+ swf, I think it stands out because of the features for example the `like ' button that is on the news page and the relationship status on the site, that's pretty awesome if you ask me, not only so they have homes for rooms! That's what I think is a unique hotel.
  20. Donnyschr

    Donnyschr Member

    Unique CMS (Not a different layout, just unique feature's.)
    Nice catalogue and big (The players will love it, because they can build a ton of shit then)
    Good staff isn't such required, but you need staff you can trust on. And who act as a staff member, i once had a kid from 11 years old. He wasn't a perfect staff, but i could count on him, i could trust him, and he did help alot of people.
    24/7 Uptime with no lagg. (I restart my server always on 01:00)

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