Post pictures of your setup!

Well, here's mine. Its pretty much a 100% portable setup. Need to go to clients and to my office every day so a full flex setup isn't a thing at this moment.

Whats on the picture (from left to right):
- MacBook Pro 15-inch retina (2.8GHz quad-core i7 - 16GB RAM - 1TB SSD) mid 2015 model, using this one as a Windows machine, for all my networking needs that don't work on a Mac.
- MacBook Pro 15-inch (2.9GHz 6-cores i9 - 32GB RAM - 1TB SSD) new 2018 model, this is a beast.
- iMac 27-inch (3.8GHz quad-core i5 - 16GB RAM - 2TB Fusion Drive) mid 2015 model equipped with a custom cooling body kit which makes it thicker, but keeps everything nice and cold which is kinda necessary because this machine is almost 24/7 running and rendering 4K video almost every night when I'm asleep, and I don't want to get waked by a boiling hot iMac that is sounding like an airplane.
- HP Omen 15-inch (2.6GHz quad-core i7 - 16GB RAM - 128GB SSD / 1TB HDD - GTX Geforce 1050M) equipped this one with an external hub, which connects it to an external graphics card (GTX Geforce 1080) and an extra 4TB worth of hard drives (which is also connected with the 27-inch iMac). And offcourse using my beloved Logitech G502 with this one.

The reason almost everything is portable is because of my traveling issues. I travel to different locations every day for clients and don't have the proper time to sit on my own desk. I'm also moving out in my own appartement in a few weeks and I'll spend more time creating a proper setup there, since this one is just in my room and I don't have that much space to play with.

Otherwise, besides the things you see on the picture, I also have a 80TB NAS which contains all of my movies and projects which is hidden under my desk.


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