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[Plus EMU] How to add new clothing to your retro [Updated]

Discussion in 'Habbo Tutorials' started by Central, Nov 27, 2016.

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  1. Central

    Central Imagination is more important than knowledge.

    I myself has had this problem before and struggled but I had someone to help me along the way. Credits to @Xuxu
    Note: Only tested on Plus Emulator
    New Clothing Download Link:

    [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]

    Note: Do not update your external variables, it has the file inside it but you do not need it so delete the external_variables.txt from inside the RAR file.

    Once you have downloaded the file, and deleted the external variables, find figuredata.xml and figuremap.xml and drag it to your desktop.

    Once you have dragged that to your desktop, make a copy of figuredata.xml as you will need it.

    Drag and drop figuredata.xml and figuremap.xml in your gamedata folder.

    Drag and drop everything from the rar file you downloaded into your swf directory (gordon/product-******) or game/ or wherever you keep your swfs lying about.

    You aren't quite finished, with the copy of figuredata.xml locate to your emulator file > bin > debug and in the file named extra drag and replace the figuredata.xml that is inside the extra folder.

    Once that is done, open up the figuredata.xml inside the extra folder using Notepad++ and do the following steps:

    - Click CTRL + H (Replace)
    - Replace sellable="1" to sellable="0"

    - Click CTRL + H (Replace)
    - Replace selectable="0" to selectable="1"

    Do the same for the figuredata.xml that is inside your gamedata directory or just simply copy and paste it from the extra folder into the gamedata folder.

    Then reload your emulator, clear your cache and there you go you should have the new clothing you downloaded from retroripper.
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  2. FourDaFer

    FourDaFer New Member

    Do you have a package with all the new clothes till Cyclope Eye and Cat Face?
  3. Xuxu

    Xuxu Member

    retroripper just updated their clothing pack. use that and follow this tutorial.
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  4. FourDaFer

    FourDaFer New Member

    Thank you
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 6, 2016, Original Post Date: Dec 5, 2016 ---

    Help please! some clothes are lost
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  5. Xuxu

    Xuxu Member

    did u replace the figuredata in the emu too?
  6. FourDaFer

    FourDaFer New Member

    Yes! i already did, the problem is only with that clothes.
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 6, 2016, Original Post Date: Dec 6, 2016 ---
    And do you know how to delete that colors? i dont like it :/
  7. Xuxu

    Xuxu Member

    im not quite sure how u would delete the colors but u could always revert it if u want your old clothing back. if u want i can properly setup the clothing for u tomorrow mate
  8. FourDaFer

    FourDaFer New Member

    No i like the clothes, but maybe the colors is change "selectable=1 to selectable=0 I'll try, but dont you know how to fix the clothes lost?
  9. NathanCarn3y

    NathanCarn3y Habbo Developer

    i do
  10. FourDaFer

    FourDaFer New Member

    Help me please
  11. Leeroy

    Leeroy playsky.pw

    This worked like a charm however I have encountered one issue
    All the clothing has added fine bar some hair styles which appear to be mixed in with the default ones and 2 HC ones.
    Everything else is there though, it's just these hair styles - which isnt a problem just wondering if this is suppose to happen
    upload_2016-12-7_18-24-35.png upload_2016-12-7_18-25-12.png
  12. FourDaFer

    FourDaFer New Member

    I have the same issue
  13. JMG

    JMG wut wut

    Open dev console and see which SWF is missing, rip it or add it and then reload.
  14. FourDaFer

    FourDaFer New Member

    where is the dev console?
  15. Central

    Central Imagination is more important than knowledge.

    Press F12 and click Console, make sure you click 'Preserve Logs' as once it goes away the logs disappear.
  16. Favorite

    Favorite New Member

    When i choose the new clothes and click save, this happend. Please help!

  17. Central

    Central Imagination is more important than knowledge.

    Try adding them again, don't know what the problems are considering I had none.
  18. JMG

    JMG wut wut

    If you're putting the clothes on and they don't show on your avatar, make sure you're adding them to your emulator as that's where PlusEMU reads it from.
  19. LeChris

    LeChris http://xhabbo.download/

    You need to update everything in your SWF folder as well, while also updating the figuredata.xml file within your Emulator Debug folder ;)
  20. Central

    Central Imagination is more important than knowledge.

    Exactly this ^ - If you're using an outdated SWF production, then you will need to update your production.

    The production for this SWF I used is: PRODUCTION-201602082203-712976078
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