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[Plus EMU] How to add new clothing to your retro [Updated]

Discussion in 'Habbo Tutorials' started by Central, Nov 27, 2016.

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  1. WanknessHD

    WanknessHD Hardcore Habboer

    Thank you so much! This helped a ton! I do have some errors the same as above, some clothes are broken. I also tried opening the console and nothing popped up. But none the less thank you for this.
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  2. Buba_Ruba

    Buba_Ruba New Member

    Can someone help me? 11 of the hairs is broken, everything else works
    .[​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. JMG

    JMG wut wut

    Developer console (F12) add the missing SWF's.
  4. Buba_Ruba

    Buba_Ruba New Member

    It doesn't say that there is any missing SWF's @JMG
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  5. MSonmez

    MSonmez New Member

    Thank You.
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  6. Jozh

    Jozh New Project Coming Soon!

    are these the most latest clothes?
  7. JMG

    JMG wut wut

    Considering the thread is 5 months old. No.
  8. Qonflict

    Qonflict New Member

    I have the same issue, can't seem to find a solution :s
  9. JMG

    JMG wut wut

    Check developer console and see if you're missing an SWF.
  10. Central

    Central Imagination is more important than knowledge.


    There's no need to comment here your problems, go to the help section and post there
  11. Zyriantdtx

    Zyriantdtx > playsky.pw

    Certain things get flagged and turn to this: [ Want to see this link? Register ! ] < hat
    pretty much anything that you can buy in the catalogue won't work. help
  12. Central

    Central Imagination is more important than knowledge.

    This isn't updated anymore.

    Lock thread please
  13. JMG

    JMG wut wut

    In future report it, we don't see all of the comments.

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