[PDN] Custom Logo [Part 2]


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The end is nigh.
Jan 18, 2014
Almost every 5th thread in the graphics section, whether it be this one or the Habbo one, people are always asking for a logo. Some of them even go as far to offer payment.

The results that they get from the community are usually half-assed and could honestly be better. Today, I'm going to let you watch the process of me making a simple logo. It literally takes under 3 minutes to make an aesthetic logo, and you should not pay for such simple stuff.

I posted a video here like this almost 3 years ago, found here: . If you check that post, you'll see that this new video is shorter and yet the logo is 100% more impressive. It's called progress.

[NOTE]: Whenever you're making a logo, your font color should ALWAYS start out as NEON/BRIGHT red. This is because you can easily change the color/brightness later using the Hue/Saturation changer. It's also good because if you decide you don't want a certain color, it'll be easier to switch it up from red (because it's the base hue), rather if if it were already blue or yellow.

Direct link: (Logo and Plugin info in description).​

I know the video was a little fast, but I'm just used to the process. You can pause and follow along as you go. (Would've been even shorter if I didn't have to open the menus, I usually use short-keys.)

This tutorial is in-fact for people who don't know much about graphics, but if any 'graphics artists' out there learn from it, that's okay too.

Also, you can skip the rainbow part if you just want a one-toned logo.

Let me see you guys' results if you follow this video, and I'll help with any problems you guys have for up to a week.

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