1. Chromentos

    [RELEASE] New Pokemon Badges

    Todays release I have created pokemon badges including 12 different pokemon; Pikachu, Dugtrio, Charizard, Charmander, Snorlax, Piplup, Evee, Squirttle, Bulbasaur, Mewtwo, Jiggly Puff, and Rattata. I created these badges myself. Not much to them besides being the pokemon itself. In this release I...
  2. Kasja

    Custom Studio Ghibli Furniline

    Heya Devbest 🌊 After several weeks of hard work, I can finally announce and release my newest project! I've been working on a new furni-line🪑 The new furni-line is based and inspired by the Studio Ghibli movie Spirited Away 👻 (a must-see if you ask me 🍿) The release is my biggest so far...
  3. BearKuda

    [Swf+.Nitro] Prehistoric Dino Eggs - 9 colors

    Prehistoric Dino Eggs Download FurniBuilder GoogleDrive ------------------------------------------- You can choose from 9 colors
  4. BearKuda

    [Swf+.Nitro] Toxic Trophies

    Have you ever wanted to send someone toxic a message? or send a cheeky friend a gift? Habbo came out with a green slime looking badge that said "toxic" and I wanted to make a furni out of it. Download Google Drive Furnibuilder I really enjoy reading feedback from the community! Please...
  5. BearKuda

    [Swf+.Nitro] Snow Storm Arcade Machine (Animated)

    I wanted to make something different! When you double click the furni, the animation begins on the screen. If the image doesn't show, please click the imgur link HERE Download Google Drive Furni Builder I really enjoy reading feedback from the community! Please comment below to share your...
  6. V

    Arcturus Custom furni help

    Hello all, I'm sure this has been posted a million times but no amount of browsing has solved this issue for me :( I'm attempting to add some custom furniture to my retro however it's not working. I am using Arcturus Morningstar and Nitro V2. So far, I have added the .swf files to...
  7. Terraestrial

    Super noob/want to start an old school retro/have questions!

    HEY ! Please go easy on me, lol. I’m new here, and I just got into retros. The most experience I have with game programming is modifying emulators of old SNES and Pokémon gba games. I’ve got a few questions: Is customization of default avatars possible? like say, instead of a person, you...
  8. blk_Kyat

    [.Nitro] 8 Dragon Ball Z Fountains (Animated!) - Blk_Kyat's Custom Furni

    Hello Fellow Bobba's! These didn't turn out as good as I wanted but they still serve a purpose! (The animated image may take a moment to show) (You will have to make the cata icons) ---------------- Download ----------------
  9. blk_Kyat

    [.Nitro+SWF] 24 Pokemon Test Tubes - ANIMATED - Blk_Kyat's Custom Furni

    24 TOTAL! This project ended up being a lot bigger than I expected! Each Furni starts off like this: When you click "Use" or when you double click, The Test Tube will open and display the Pokemon! When you "use" or double click again, the test tube will light up! (These previews may take a...
  10. blk_Kyat

    [.Nitro+SWF] RuneScape Holo's - Blk_Kyat's Custom Furni

    Hello fellow bobbas! Ive been playing alot of OSRS latley and wanted to do something fun! Here are the protection prayers as holo's! Download links: ------------- Google drive ------------- .NITRO + SWF INCLUDED
  11. blk_Kyat

    [.Nitro+SWF] Hello Kitty Throne - Blk_Kyat's Custom Furni

    Hello fellow bobbas! Everyone: "Another throne custom.. ugh" Habbo came out with some new Hello Kitty Furni and I wanted to whip up something random! Download links: ------------- Google drive ------------- .NITRO + SWF INCLUDED
  12. Kasja

    [Release] 2x custom furnilines

    Dear Devbest Christmas is "near" - so in the Christmas spirit, I'm releasing 2 custom furnilines. This release contains 2x12 SWF's and icons - which also means there is a total of 24 furnis! One of the furnilines is created with love by me and inspired by danish Christmas (that's also why every...
  13. Kasja

    Another Clothing Release!

    Hey DevBest, I've decided to release these clothing items as some of them are being sold by other people and others have been published/available on ClothingBuilder for a while now. I originally created and sold these items to some of my friends, but recently I unfortunately discovered them on...
  14. Kasja

    Autumn customs & recolors release

    Hey Devbest I've recently released one of my furnilines and received very positive feedback - that's why I've decided to release my newest creations! The release contains: Icons & Swfs for 17 furnis Here's some pictures of the furniture: Hope you all like it 😊
  15. Kasja

    Small custom release

    Hey Devbest I've recently created a small furniline which I now have decided to release to the public. The release contains: Icons & Swfs Here's a picture of the furniture Hope you all like it 😊
  16. id7

    Custom Discord Widget

    Hi All! Not sure if this helps anyone out but I thought I'd share it. Extract ZIP to desired directory Replace DISCORD ID within discord.html with your server ID If using cosmic add this iframe to your home.html within Cosmic\App\View\Home\home.html (src must be changed to correct location)...
  17. S

    How to create custom figuredata for new clothing?

    So Im trying to add new clothing and creating the figuredata is a headache. Specially the parttypes attribute, I dont know how many possible options are available for this attribute. Does anyone have a guide or something? Thanks in advance. I'm using arcturus morningstar
  18. Infrasonic

    BLissZ #1 PvE/PvP | AI | Hunt | Loot | Custom Zones | Weapons ✨

    Hello people, Would like to invite you to a new PVE/PVP server with some twists and turns in the good sense. The server is mainly intented for people who seek the challenging aspects of a PvE server combined with a big dynamic PvP zone that changes every day. It...
  19. PUNKcom

    PUNK [EU] | No Raid | PvP | Traders & BM | Cars & Helis | +150 Guns | High Loot | Custom Areas | Active Admins | ChernarusPlus

    You were searching for a NoRaid Server all your life but couldn't find one? You are a Horder and want to horde over 150 different Guns to show off to your friends while flying through the air or going 300km/h on the ground? You want Events, Custom Areas and things you've never even known that...
  20. V

    Custom Furniture troubles

    Hey Devbest, I am having some troubles and I have tried everything I can. Let's see if you guys can lend a hand :) So, I am making an attempt at adding custom furniture to my R36b Habbo server running Brain 1.9.1 on PlusEMU. So, I added my swf into wwwroot/game/drc/hot_furni I added an entry...