1. shapeshifted

    Hiring Retro Graphic Designer ($$$ Negotiable)

    Greetings. We are currently looking for at least one Graphic Designer. The main task will be designing our retro's logo. However, we will be greatly appreciated if the designer knows how to design custom furni / clothing, community posts, etc. If you are interested in this, feel free to...
  2. Assholic

    Banners & Logo

    Hi there! I've been busy and stopped doing gfx since 2015. Now I'm back again and warmed up by doing these. Any thoughts? I'd appreciate any comments from you guys :) Newest: banners discord icon discord banner logos article/ room ad headers Past designs (2015):
  3. Punisher


    Hello there, I'm going to open Habbo Roleplay, but I don't have a logo. Can you make a logo that looks like Peak? I'm sorry about my English.
  4. Willians

    Request Logo HyceRP

    Hello devbest, I need someone of good heart to help me with a logo, I just need it to be similar to these models below. I lost the logo in .png and I only have screenshots of what it was like, if someone can help me I'm grateful right away! The same colors and style to match the website...
  5. DanielSlivinskiy

    Need help for reception logo!

    Hi, I need your help now! today my retro opens officially and I need a reception logo. Change Zabbo text = Hubbo @Owen
  6. Ellu

    How to edit loading screen, hotel view button etc. [Tutorial]

    Hello! In this tutorial i will teach you how to edit r63b loading screen logo and some ingame buttons like these: I know that this is pretty obvious for the people who have been working with habbo retros, but not necessarely for the beginners. So lets begin. You will need to get an...
  7. sumo

    [PDN] Custom Logo [Part 2]

    Almost every 5th thread in the graphics section, whether it be this one or the Habbo one, people are always asking for a logo. Some of them even go as far to offer payment. The results that they get from the community are usually half-assed and could honestly be better. Today, I'm going to let...
  8. MayoMayn

    In need of a logo

    Heya Devbest! Since my skills in illustrator etc is seriously bad, I'd appreciate if somebody could create a logo for me. Haven't got really that much of a design in my head, but my only requirement is that it should fit onto my website. https://www.siberia.cf - Paid? Depends on your skills.
  9. Xylo

    Request Custom Logo

    Hello, I'm looking for a professional custom logo with a habbo-related theme. Something similar to this would be ideal: http://prntscr.com/dw1eso It doesn't need the dazzle like the above, no glimmer/shine necessary. Something habbo-related and professional, something clean. If you are able...
  10. DjKillerBeeDj

    Request Habbo Retro Logo and Banner.

    Hey guys! I made a retro called RAW Hotel. I wanted to check if someone could help me out with a really nice LOGO and a banner.
  11. O

    Request Need Hotel LOGO :)

    Hello, Need Hotel Logo, I am looking for a nice dope hotel LOGO. Please make it nice and unique and be sure to add the Habbo taste to it. Id appreciate a small image right next to the logo like a hotel or something. Thank you! Hotel Name - Yabbo Thank You!
  12. A

    Logo sulake..

    Hello people, I wanted to ask how to modify the DCR of the V18 . I would remove the word " Sulake " how can I do ? can anyone help me please ? :( Are final, desperate ..
  13. sumo

    Show DevBest CSS3 Logo

    Not everyone in the world has the very basic knowledge of being able to create a logo, or have a friend that can. Never fear, this can be done with simple CSS3. You can modify the gradients in the code to your preferences. I hope this helps others save time like it helped me. HTML: <div...