retro developer

  1. Kodex

    Help with custom UIs

    I need to know how I can add UIs to my hotel? What I mean by that is when I press a button on the interface or when I double click a custom furni, A SCreenN appears or anything like that? If there is any way I can do this, please help me. If it's about HabboUI Editor, or a flash decompiler...
  2. Floriaan

    Recruiting Recruiting a Developer for HTML5 Hotel!

    Hey Everyone, Looking for Dev to work on our new hotel. We are Released on HTML5 Nitro. You have to know about: Nitro-Client Typescript Php Angular Drop me a msg for more info Discord: Florian#7669
  3. Ours1Offi

    I have a problem with my retro Habbo

    Hello, I recently encountered a problem with my habbo game, I had followed the Youtube tutorial: But I had to make an error or other ... I would like someone to help me settle her! I specify that I am French and there are chances that I made...
  4. xScottyBoii

    Need A Dev For Running Hotel

    Currently Looking For A DEV Thats Fully Trusted As Cant Let Random People On VPS, The Hotel Is Fully Running If Your Interested Please Contact Me On The Discord Information Below Im Avaliable Basically 24/7 Discord -xScottyBoii#3903
  5. TheDameShay

    Looking for a developer to help start a Habbo Retro

    Hello I'm from the Habbo Celebrity industry Roleplay and the Habbo Family Roleplay, in the past couple of years my roleplays have been looking for hotels to call their home and each time we find a hotel we have issues with staff or the hotel gets shut down or inactive due to reasons. Now I've...
  6. J

    Request I need a Staff Badge

    Can someone please make me a STAFF Badge, i need it to Say ''ROCK STAFF'' I want it to be Dark Blue Please. Thank you:)
  7. M

    Recruiting Looking for an RP retro dev team

    Hey guys im looking for an RP develpment team i need: Coders Emu Developers Cms Developers People who can add in game features Basically i need a team who can help build an RP emu to it full potential something great and unique I am willing to pay for good work
  8. C

    Recruiting BoostHotel - We're looking for you! Boost Hotel are looking for staff members that could take your fancy, keep reading! Boost Hotel is a new(ish) hotel that hasn't been around for too long now. We have recently experienced downtime due to a few issues with the past community members. Recently returned from the...
  9. Tanya

    Need help. I need to update my Me page

    Someone had already updated my emu so it is newer, however he couldn't change the REVCMS template on my Home page and Me page, i was hoping that someone would know how to do this? or send me in the direction so i know to do it myself. I have watched numerous tutorials and it just doesn't help it...
  10. RustyMCPE

    (HABBO RETRO) Developer Needed! [Paid position]

    Hello there! I am Rusty and we are looking for a retro developer who can help us organize our hotel improve add new features and ofcourse seperate us from the many out there! Please note you will need proof of your actual capabilities and might even test you on your skills. What we are...
  11. I

    Recruiting NEEDING DEV [HMU ON FB]

    Hey, needing a developer for my hotel, Facebook me @ Isaiah HE or /wallie.retro ! Needing work done to cata, CMS and etc.
  12. Nidal

    Recruiting Need a habbo tech

  13. Colbat

    Applicant habbo retro developer

    still looking for a job?