1. L

    Nitro Imager doesn't work for me..

    Hey DevBest, A Mod cleared my conversation with @Object and @boz because he want the tutorial for its own. I did everything in my roleplay like in this tutorial thread --> DevBest Thread I tried it with reverse Proxy like in this tutorial. It doesn't work - so i tried it with a subdomain. I...
  2. RobinLA

    Nitro Imager Problem

    Hey DevBest, i've got a problem with the nitro imager. I converted my files with "Nitro Converter" and started the nitro imager without any problems. I did a reverse proxy (without subdomain) like in this tutorial of @Object explained: DevBest Thread But now i got a problem. I changed the...
  3. exmma

    Habton is back! <3

    Your place to be! <3 Hi! Habton was an old project of mine that shutdown in early 2021 due to lack of time. But now we're back, this started as an hobby project to better understand php and retros and so far i've been very happy with it! We're an HTML5 hotel with an updated catalog and lots of...
  4. Object

    How to setup nitro imager for your CMS (IIS)

    Hey Devbest! As I promised in part 3 of my how-to setup a retro series, I'll guide you through how to set up the Nitro imager for your CMS, so that you can load custom clothing- Yes no more half-naked avatars! Requirements: Git - A working site / CMS (IIS must...
  5. W

    How to add custom furni to nitro client?

    I was wondering how to add custom furni to a nitro based client. Can you use JPEXS to make custom furni? can you convert a swf to a .nitro file? I'm genuinely confused now.
  6. V

    How to compile nitro?

    Hello, I just have a Modern UI of Corelo (uncompiled) and i want to know how can i compile this please? Cordially
  7. A

    BrainCMS + Nitro + Arcturus not working on IIS + Sockets

    Hi there, Last week i switched over from flash to nitro and the process was kinda tidious. But i got everything working including the VPS + sockets + cloudflare + proxy's. 1) The problem i find now is that my furniture ain't loading, aswell as my characters in the client. I tried loads of...
  8. Aenis


    Welcome to you, if you liked this title I hope you will find your happiness there, Being a current Linux user, I got interested and motivated to want to contribute to using Nitro to give a helping hand to the curious and passionate community of any beginner, novice or professional. I followed...
  9. Aenis

    Exhibit a retro online using NGROK

    Good evening ! So I develop a retro locally from my machine, everything works correctly with the Nitro client and the Arcturus emulator, At one point, I had the idea of exhibiting my retro in online development locally from my machine via the Ngrok tool. I am able to properly access my CMS...
  10. Object

    HTTP to HTTPS redirects

  11. tobi3591

    Looking for payed Nitro Habbo Setup

    Hello everyone. So recently i have been getting back to habbo, and i wanted to setup my own hotel for testing purposes. Since habbo does not support flash, i wanted to setup a Nitro Hotel for testing purposes and further development. I therefor look for someone who can setup a nitro hotel...
  12. Cassie25

    **Solved** Nitro "Connection" Issue.

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone who understands Nitro, if they could explain to me why there's a 'Connection Issue' it gets stuck in 20%.. PS: I thought it was a WebGL issue, but it's not. Thanks for all the help in that topic.