1. K

    [FIGMA] HabboSO UI Release

    Hey! I was one of the project managers for a bilingual hotel HabboSO back in the day, and we had a professional designer create a UI for us. Unfortunately, this UI ended up in the hands of people who now claim it as their property. Therefore, in agreement with the former project management, I...
  2. djjinn

    [Emulator + Nitro] Arceus Pack

    Arceus Pack What is it? The Arceus Pack consists of a clean and expandable code emulator, easy to edit, maintain, and update with enhancements in Nitro for the best possible habbo playing performance. I don't aim to replicate Habbo 1:1; I don't think that's ever been the purpose of retros...
  3. J

    TinkHotel - Habbo Project - 99% fidelity to What is about this project called TinkHotel? TinkHotel is a project to recreate Habbo Hotel, with a clarify head objective, be the most identical to the official Hotel. That's include get all features from the web and the client. It's a non-profit, for educational purposes...
  4. J

    How to grant HC to a user (AtomCMS - Nitro)

    Hi all, I wanted to try creating a retro hotel again for me and my friends to play on. I used to do this via Hamachi when I was 15-16yr old. Now that I'm older, have a small homelab and an unused domain on Cloudflare I wanted to give it another go I followed this tutorial and everything works...
  5. N

    Camera Item Problem

    I have now replaced the camera item with the larger item. It's available for purchase and looks nice on the wall, but when I double-click it, it just opens a small empty window. Even when I enlarge the window, the image does not appear again, it is blank.
  6. Demon666

    Atom Cms “link button client”

    Hello everyone, I need a hand for my retro. I would like to add buttons with links to the client and I would like to know how to set up the links to direct them somewhere. Attached is a photo of how I would like it to be, more or less. Thank you all for the help in advance.
  7. S

    Compatibilize PlusEMU and Nitro

    Hello, I would like use my PlusEMU (edited) with Nitro. I just edited the packets headers but I think is not the good packets, and I still blocked on 40%. No error on console, no error on emulator. I think missing some changements. I use PRODUCTION-201602082203-712976078 Seith
  8. DDDDec

    [LifeRP] Clipstone sims roleplay plus/arc/nitro development.

    Starting off with plus been learning some basic C from BO2 so i decided id give plus ago with editing and making some shit nothing special just to pass the time, using the same tech. once im done with flash ill move to arc and nitro or just arc or nitro. i will be using stuff that the emulator...
  9. xlRaiko

    Catalogue Arcturus CLOSED

    # ========================== # Catalogue Official to Habbo # ========================== This pack of catalogue are created since zero to hotel with name Habbooh which autor is xlRaiko. =========================================================================== Content of catalogue: - Have...
  10. Puffin

    myBoBBa :: Create your Experience was created by Puffin on September 18th, 2022. The owner, and staff of myBoBBa firmly believe in creating a safe, toxic free environment and enforce a 0 bullshit policy. Experience the difference for yourself and immerse yourself. Enjoy life-like builds, fun auto-game and...
  11. Riemer2001

    Nitro V2 Client not working need a little bit of help

    Hey everyone, I got some problems with my client instead of loading it returns a page not found error. Somebody who got an idea on how I can fix this? Greetings <3
  12. blk_Kyat

    [.Nitro+SWF] RuneScape Holo's - Blk_Kyat's Custom Furni

    Hello fellow bobbas! Ive been playing alot of OSRS latley and wanted to do something fun! Here are the protection prayers as holo's! Download links: ------------- Google drive ------------- .NITRO + SWF INCLUDED
  13. venyd

    Connection Error

    Hey I just got done with How to set up a retro in 2021 (IIS) (Nitro HTML5 by @Object and now I get the following screen (Connection Error) when I try to start the client: Does anyone know where the problem at...? :/ - venyd
  14. Matiaser

    FurnitureData.JSON text and SQL generator?

    Hello forum Are there any programs or ways to generate text that fit nitro v2 furniuredata format ether from .SWF or from .Nitro files? Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks
  15. joaowars776

    Tutorial [Nitro V2, Nitro Converter, Cosmic & IIS] All-in-One. Enjoy.

    Full Tutorial All-In-One (English) Cosmic + Arcturus Emulator and Nitro V2 What will you find here: 1- How to install IIS 2- How to install Cosmic 3- How to convert Nitro 4- How to install Nitro V2 5- Troubleshooting current issues (which you may not need in the future) 6- Configuring camera...
  16. L

    Nitro Imager doesn't work for me..

    Hey DevBest, A Mod cleared my conversation with @Object and @boz because he want the tutorial for its own. I did everything in my roleplay like in this tutorial thread --> DevBest Thread I tried it with reverse Proxy like in this tutorial. It doesn't work - so i tried it with a subdomain. I...
  17. RobinLA

    Nitro Imager Problem

    Hey DevBest, i've got a problem with the nitro imager. I converted my files with "Nitro Converter" and started the nitro imager without any problems. I did a reverse proxy (without subdomain) like in this tutorial of @Object explained: DevBest Thread But now i got a problem. I changed the...
  18. Object

    How to setup nitro imager for your CMS (IIS)

    Hey Devbest 👋 As I promised in part 3 of my how-to setup a retro series, I'll guide you through how to set up the Nitro imager for your CMS, so that you can load custom clothing - Yes no more half-naked avatars🙈 Requirements: Git - A working site / CMS (IIS must...
  19. W

    How to add custom furni to nitro client?

    I was wondering how to add custom furni to a nitro based client. Can you use JPEXS to make custom furni? can you convert a swf to a .nitro file? I'm genuinely confused now.
  20. V

    How to compile nitro?

    Hello, I just have a Modern UI of Corelo (uncompiled) and i want to know how can i compile this please? Cordially