1. Kasja

    Pronouns badges

    Hey DevBest! I've recently made these pronouns badges for openHabbo, and thought other hotels might also find a use for them - and that is why I'm releasing them! - Kasja
  2. Nickyo

    Making badges for free

    Need badges? hmu on discord: Nick -#7608
  3. Sparwarifr

    [Release] EXCLUSIVE Badges - Loyalty, staff, misc.

    Back from a trip, here am I again. And I've got some new and not-so-new things to share. __________ __ _ _ Howdy! When I came back from London (it was so cool... apart from the food, sorry), I kept in mind that I had to post new things right here, so I went through my "graphics" folder and I...
  4. Maaaarcel

    [Badges] Custom Staff Badges

    ↑ What could this be? Thought I'd share some of my own Badges. They're something different then the usual Staff badges*¹ AdminStaff Community LeitungMod ____________________________________________________________________ **Extra Mello (Marshmello & Bastille - Happier) Download at -...
  5. Primal

    Feedback [RATING] Pixel Badge's [RATING]

    Welcome! I started to learn ''How to Pixel'' and spend a lot of time to Pixel something and this is why i want to show you my results for giving me kind of ''Tips'' or ''What can i do better?'' If you have a little Rating or type of Tips let me know them in the comments.. Results: Type of...
  6. Xylo

    Service Badges (Mostly Staff badges)

    When choosing, count left to right. Can make them yourself if you want, but I figure you're all lazy fucks so I'll offer help. Few things you need for me to do edits for you guys: 5 letters maximum or it won't fit. (For staff badges) If you don't like these templates, you can post a 50x50...
  7. Jwake

    Group Badges

    Hello, Devbest! I'm not sure if I've posted about this before, but I'm having a problem with my group badges. When I create a group, the badges do not load. I've changed the folder to habbo-imaging. Any solutions? Img; Thank you.
  8. funkystrainz

    Request Badge/banner designs for Hotel? & What used to make them?

    Fellow Users, I'm looking for different images to compile into banners and individual images to add as a selection of new badges, as well as classic badge images like Rastaclaus & Admin badges with the gold default font used for staff but with custom lettering geared toward my site name. If...
  9. Nicholas

    [PlusEMU] Group Badge error

    Hey guys apperently my group badges do not work i am using the latest emu and the swfs recommended for it. The links work perfect. i do not see anything wrong, you can see for yourself at any help would be appreciated.
  10. TheNotorious

    Service Updating new badges. ( DONALD TRUMP BADGE! )

    Hi Community, there are a list for few newest badges. Will be updated soon. Donald Trump Hope ya like it. :up: <3_<3
  11. S

    Need Habbo Badge design Help!

    I need a Habbo Badge for my new Retro Hotel and it must be a Badge for Christmas like Santa or so. Thanks!!
  12. Vickyx3

    [HELP] Clothing, Furni, Furni Catalog, Avatar & Badges doesn't load [HELP]

    Hi, i hope someone can help me. :( I do not understand where the problem is. I have checked all the links and files &' the client. php, everything is right ... I have other SWF tries, it doesen't work, after that I replaced the client. php &' then went nothing more, so I made the old back. I did...
  13. Nidal

    badges & graphics of mine