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Who is still in the "scene" that was in the scene a few years back?

Discussion in 'Habbo Retros' started by Olaf, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. GarettM

    GarettM Programmer

    i joined habbo.com 6 years ago when i was really into virtual reality and virtual worlds and the hole concept habbo was cool because i could talk to people and make my own room witch in middle school i couldn't.. i stopped playing right when v32 or something came out and know i just fallow whats happening in the habbo community.
  2. Promto

    Promto New Member

    i joined 2007

    MANS_NOT_HOT this is what democracy looks like

    I'm pretty sure we were at R59 6 years ago

    I joined .com 9 years ago and retros 7 years ago
  4. JeeCee

    JeeCee Member

    I got into the whole habbo retro scene about 6 years ago, and I left about 3 years ago (when I was't addicted to Habbo anymore).
  5. Elijah

    Elijah <?php die($you);

    Played Habbo since before I was 10 (over 10 years ago not sure when), I played Habbo religiously and spent a fortune on credits... Made my first retro shortly after, had no clue what I was doing so never got anywhere with that.
    Moved to Spain after and my WiFi router wouldn't let me port-forward but luckily enough it was back when people didn't use passwords on their routers, so I used my neighbours network and an old crappy laptop to host the retro, but it was great and didn't need Hamachi. I miss v18 :( I dislike the newer versions of Habbo, but occasionally go on retros every now and again...
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  6. BrainCMS

    BrainCMS Brain is live, Live is Brain

    Been around since Habbo was v18,
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 10, 2017, Original Post Date: Jan 10, 2017 ---
    V18 is love... I miss it
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  7. Robbo

    Robbo Cooked unit

    still in the scene, been apart of it since 207
  8. Sledmore

    Sledmore Chaturbate Livestreamer Staff Member FindRetros Moderator

    Lots of us. :D (...sadly).

    Been playing Habbo/retros since about 2007, got into development maybe 2008/2009? Proper into it about 2010ish.
  9. Wickd

    Wickd The first member of the Knights of the Pink Table

    Holy fucking shit i just realized i've been playing Habbo for a decade now.
    I'm putting that on my next staff application, who's going to top that?
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