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Who is still in the "scene" that was in the scene a few years back?

Discussion in 'Habbo Retros' started by Olaf, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. Olaf

    Olaf New Member

    After just recently joining back onto a few forums that include Habbo i've noticed that everyone who is now in the community is quite new compared to like 4-5 years back. I was just curious as to who is still in the "scene" who used to be in the Habbo retro scene like 4-5 years ago?
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  2. Timothy

    Timothy Kylie Jenner

    I played around with habbo back in 2010 ._. so lol
  3. Donnyschr

    Donnyschr Member

    I'm in the scene since 2004 - 2005. The beginning of habbo Netherland, and im still in the scene. I recently leaved RZ, because there's just to many hater's there and flamer's.
  4. Simplexion

    Simplexion Member

    Been around since Habbo was v26...
  5. Parse

    Parse Member

    Hardly around anymore. Been around since 2008.
  6. j0ker

    j0ker $client = socket_accept($sock);

    I am still here. Lolz, well just got back. ;)
  7. Tails

    Tails Go the fuck to sleep.

    I have a habbo.com account from 2006, got into retros around 2007.
  8. Baevus

    Baevus the names ethan

    Joined habbo in 09' joined my 1st retro in 2010 now I'm back to habbo :p I've got bc and hc and an agency.
  9. AssLikeThat

    AssLikeThat YouTuber & Web Developer <3

    I started with Habbo around 9/10 thats just under 10 years, I used to play it when I was at my dads house because I never had the internet at my Mums house when I was younger. I grew to like it and after a couple years of playing it I realised you could make your own "version" of Habbo, I decided to look it up I must have been 12/13 at the time and I created my first ever Habbo Retro and ran it with "Hamachi" (A VPN) not even sure if that's still a thing anymore, ANYWAYS; It was a V18 Hotel, this was before I'de even heard of PHP and SQL and other programming languages. I was sticking to HTML and that was it, until I was about 15/16 I made a V26 Hotel for personal use and then I made a R63 hotel known as "Touch Hotel". You could probably find some stuff on Devbest and other Forums about it, at first I wasn't bothered about making it live until about a year and a half ago where it became quite successful and I think it reached something like 10-30 users online, at the time I thought it was amazing, Anyways moving onto the best part, During the Hotel being open people were donating, buying packages etc and I was making money from this. I ended up making a stupid mistake and selling the hotel, If I hadn't of done that I would have probably still had some money. I sold the hotel to this guy who had donated quite a lot and he was interested in buying it, straight up he offered about £200, I was gobsmacked, that was a lot of money for a small hotel so Naturally I accepted it and gave him all the details etc. and we came to an agreement. The son of bitch phoned PayPal and his credit card company saying that all the transactions to my hotel were "Unauthorized". So my PayPal account got frozen and limited. This was annoying since I couldn't do anything with the money, although i'de managed to withdraw a couple of hundred to buy my Dad a new laptop beforehand; I still couldn't do anything with the rest. I disputed the claims obviously and I had to wait 70 days, over the next week or so I discovered that my Paypal was -900 and something £ in debt. Basically because i'de spent some of the money and withdrawn some I had a minus figure from what had been taken away. Since then i've moved address and changed bank accounts etc so it's no problem but that kind of ended my running with Retro's and Habbo in general.
  10. Hannurh

    Hannurh Member

    /raises hand

    I joined in '04 but I've stopped now because I've simply grown out of it.
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  11. Roper

    Roper Member

    I've been here permanently from 2007 and 2012, then sadly lost interest and have only just started popping on every now and again to see how it's changing!
  12. Wux

    Wux http://beta.ziphotel.org/

    '04 user here. I shift back from time to time. Development for Habbo can get so repetitive.
  13. BitchesLoveCake

    BitchesLoveCake Active Member

    Used to bum habbo. Tried opening a retro upon the hamachi thing that was rather interesting. Stopped playing habbo when i discovered minecraft.
  14. Lotus

    Lotus Legacy, it's all anyone leaves behind.

    I been in the Scene since I was 7 believe it or not, when I turned 8 I made my first v26 Retro.
  15. Markshall

    Markshall Русский Стандарт Contributor

    Around '06 I think
  16. Ch4ka

    Ch4ka bamboozled

    First time i joined habbo was 2007
  17. LeChris

    LeChris http://xhabbo.download/

    I been here since early 2010...
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  18. Westyy

    Westyy Moderator Staff Member

    I used to play habbo when I was a youngster back in 2008/09 when it was the gold coins in the purse thing, then I didn't play it until me and some friends found an hotel called force hotel the r26, we then played that all the time & used to be one of the top gamblers with cinos and more xD
    while playing that I wanted to create my own Just to have the ADM badge, back in day i use to think it was something special lol
    anyway after that I learned how to make my own then made more and more and here I am :)
  19. Simonman70

    Simonman70 Member

    I joined habbo in 2008.

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