What is/was your favourite retro that you played on?


Aug 26, 2011
I'm biased lol. My favorites were always the hotels I started; Ultima and Prime.

Ultima was co-owned and developed by Jincos aka Matt for a while. He was a Moderator/Staff at umm.. that other forum owned by the guy who made Phoenix emu. The guy who owns this forum was active on Ultima as well and staff for a while.

It was a large staff team and full of events. Had a radio, accurate rare values based on supply and demand (coded by Jincos) and a bunch of other cool features.

I still hope one day to have the time to open another hotel for the OGs in V26.

One day when I have time and there is a Shockwave client converted to HTML5.


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Mar 10, 2018
I am Brazilian, so there were and are still thousands of retros here. But without a doubt my favorite was the extinct Mania Hotel, which was founded in 2009 and went online until 2018, in mid-2012-2013 it reached almost 5000 online users.
I liked the Hebbo Hotel, 2016 season, a very good hotel.


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Feb 13, 2024
Open Hotel which turned into Flex Hotel was my favourite, owned by Ixel, WKD and Zak. This was around 2009, changed to Flex a few years later. :)

I met some people in 2008 that are still around today which is crazy haha.
Yes Open Hotel and Flex Hotel were my favourites too. What was your username on those? Mine was Morgan123 and Melvin.
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Open Hotel & Eubbo Hotel. Open was my first retro that I really enjoyed. It was a great community and the staff were nice. I specifically remember Zak and WKD a lot. Didn't know you use to play @JMG but thats cool, i thought i was the only one that remembered open hotel.

Eubbo was okay aswell. It was similar to Open but had plenty of problems regarding management. But everything else, community was decent.
What was your username on Open Hotel? Mine was Melvin and Morgan123
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Flex/Open Hotel - Was the best hotel I've been on.
Same here. What was your username? Mine was Melvin and Morgan123
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also OH. Ex-admin and "fansite" owner.

I still have all the files for Open (vbulletin forum + shop sync and .cct tool included) still good friends with Ixel (Paul) and WKD (Pat) Zak did a runner with the $$ lol. It re-opened as FlexHotel around 300 on but Ixel had to focus on uni so closed, fun times.
I miss those days when I use to play Open and Flex Hotel. I met some lovely people on there who I lost contact with.
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