What is/was your favourite retro that you played on?


Aug 26, 2011
I'm biased lol. My favorites were always the hotels I started; Ultima and Prime.

Ultima was co-owned and developed by Jincos aka Matt for a while. He was a Moderator/Staff at umm.. that other forum owned by the guy who made Phoenix emu. The guy who owns this forum was active on Ultima as well and staff for a while.

It was a large staff team and full of events. Had a radio, accurate rare values based on supply and demand (coded by Jincos) and a bunch of other cool features.

I still hope one day to have the time to open another hotel for the OGs in V26.

One day when I have time and there is a Shockwave client converted to HTML5.


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Mar 10, 2018
I am Brazilian, so there were and are still thousands of retros here. But without a doubt my favorite was the extinct Mania Hotel, which was founded in 2009 and went online until 2018, in mid-2012-2013 it reached almost 5000 online users.
I liked the Hebbo Hotel, 2016 season, a very good hotel.


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Mar 13, 2017
bubbo in 2011/2012, it was one of the first big hotels i was staff on too

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