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Feedback We need feedback on our new revcms skin. ( this will not be released)

Discussion in 'Habbo Graphics' started by ZMH, Feb 15, 2017 at 3:39 AM.

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  1. Dan3212

    Dan3212 New Member


    I've checked out your side but not everything but I like the design as I've already stated.

    But the screenshot above shows your Management/Staff page, maybe you need to work on this one a bit more, like code a bit for when Position = 9 display something like Owner or whatever.
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  2. ZMH

    ZMH https://worldmotel.nl

    We already know sir. But we launched the website to receive feedback and we will change that :) thanks for the feedback buddy !
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  3. Dan3212

    Dan3212 New Member

    I wish you luck with your CMS buddy
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  4. Bronson

    Bronson HMMMM Staff Member

    Closed as requested.
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