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Retro The Status of Habbo Retros

Discussion in 'Habbo Retros' started by zMagenta, Jun 30, 2013.

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  1. Parse

    Parse Member

    Lets not forget we do have some decent developers.

    • cecer1
    • lab-hotel (who is creating the most mind-blown project ever)
    • Sledmore
    Sorry if I did not mention anyone that is actually DECENT.
  2. Straya

    Straya Straya Cunt

    No such cunt as "lab-hotel"
  3. Parse

    Parse Member

    You obviously must not be aware of the big project that is going on. His username is "lab-hotel" from another forum that will not be mentioned here.
  4. BIOS

    BIOS \r%20

    That kid is just a bad hotel owner all together, he claims credits when really all he has done is change the about page and nothing else. Another thing is he also hires a new owner like everyday or so which shows how bad his hotel is.
  5. Parad0x

    Parad0x Habzone.net

    LOL ^ that kid advertises his hotel like crazy and still has 0 users. Now I know why.

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  6. imadrainpipe

    imadrainpipe New Member

    I'd have to say the community is better than habbo
    Although people break a shit ton of habbo rules, the whole community is much closer - I made a friend on Yabbo a few years back and I found them on Habboon and Fatal
  7. ying

    ying goddess

    I tots agree with this. I miss the old days when setting up a hotel was a big deal, now everybody can do it which makes it so boring. :I
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  8. Sledmore

    Sledmore Chaturbate Livestreamer FindRetros Moderator

    Well, most can do it however their hotels are still 1-2 years behind - so it can still be a big deal!
    Its a shame that you cannot release much anymore because of the community turning to shite, there is a good portion of users who appreciate the time & effort that goes into most releases, but another portion that is full of gobshites.
  9. Straya

    Straya Straya Cunt

    Most so called "releases" are just recolours of thrones or whatever or just a recolour of a CMS. We need to put this money shit aside and bring back some common sense.
  10. LeChris

    LeChris http://xhabbo.download/

    Truthfully the only bad side of the community are the people who can code, and make things, than just show them off, and laugh at people who are just now starting to code, and then the newbs who recolor and edit the info command. As for me..I try my best to contribute. But as for the status of retros most are outdated but then some have decent communities and actually communicate with their users instead of being dickheads. Meh I'm losing it loool
  11. Sledmore

    Sledmore Chaturbate Livestreamer FindRetros Moderator

    Thing is, everybody has the ability to learn. And a good portion of the community just want to be fed code on a spoon. It'd be boring being the person who updates & releases constantly as people would rely on the one (or few) people to release more stuff and not learn.
  12. -Jordan-

    -Jordan- Member

    Yifan left because he was raided or something along those lines. It was certainly copyright-related. (PHPRetro was getting regularly updated)

    Sharing your work is dead. The hotels still live on with their own work.
  13. broges

    broges Welcome To The Machine

    I agree with you you.
  14. Nerfed

    Nerfed Godzilla

    If retro's became free and released, everyone would leave Habbo, because you wouldn't have to pay for credits etc.
    The fact that Sulake go around shutting down "The Big Guys" anger's me so much, and now they even waste their time shutting down small communities, which anger's me even more.
  15. Lepos

    Lepos You are irrelevant

    You have no reason to be "angry" if you're hosting an illegal game which is originally there, you can't be angry at them for not wanting people to make copies of it?
  16. Joshy2597

    Joshy2597 Member

    Something I have seen a lot is, anyone can make a retro yes. But not everybody can make a good and fun retro. Most people fail and close there retros down within a month. Some owners close it down cause nobody bought VIP. The fact is, let all these people make retros, but the good ones will be known and stand out.
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