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Retro The Status of Habbo Retros

Discussion in 'Habbo Retros' started by zMagenta, Jun 30, 2013.

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  1. zMagenta

    zMagenta Posting Freak


    Just thought of this as a topic for a discussion thread. I have to say, Habbo Retros are going beyond belief. By this, I mean the amount of noobs entering the development.

    This is how I would describe it, to be honest. Noobs coming along, wanting their own hotel (fair enough), but then they go to sites, to buy a Habbo Retro pre-setup (this is ok for a test hotel, I guess?) but then editing the footer. Let's say it was "RevCMS, coded by Kryptos", they would change it to "BoomCMS, coded by XxBamItzCoolKid123xX". This is where I have a problem. Kids coming along changing copyright.

    But then you've also got the selfishness of the community now. The community only in it for 1/2 things; a, profit or b, 1000's of users to gain a profit. People code stuff, and don't release. I came into the Retro world in the v26 era, where the community released whatever they had coded to benefit new and exciting development/hotels.

    Thoughts on the retro community now?
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  2. Deean

    Deean New Member

    The retro community is a "hole". It has some great people, and some bad people. The bad people just like you said take credit for what they didn't do, and the good people code there own stuff or give credit. The good people you don't see much as people "can't be bothered". We need more users who can be bothered to code some good stuff, I know there are some, but not many.

    In addition, your so right. All the retros are in it for the profit, 1-10 make a small profit, and 1-100 make a big profit. Making a retro is easy, but keeping to online/active/fresh is hard. Keeping it fresh is important with-out know "different" thing about your retro it's just like all the reject retros that are normal. You must be different to be popular, I guess.

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  3. zMagenta

    zMagenta Posting Freak

    I think you meant, we used to. Let me just name some.

    • @Quackster - Left Habbo due to a DMCA.
    • Leon - Left Habbo due to a DMCA.
    • Meth0d - Not sure why he left, doesn't develop.
    • Sojobo - Left Habbo due to a DMCA.
    • martimine (I think thats how you spell it, bfly creator) - Left Habbo due to the community.
    • Kryptos - Rarely develops.
    • Yifan - Left Habbo. (Not sure why)
    Now, show me some good developers still releasing?
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  4. Deean

    Deean New Member

    Your right, there are no good people releasing. I guess there are "one release wonders", they make one good release then leave for good something like that.
  5. Bleep

    Bleep PHP - HTML - CSS - JAVA ✔

    Retros are taking over [ Want to see this link? Register ! ] like they have with many other countries. I 100% agree that noobs have no right to change credits on other people's work; it's just wrong. I don't mind more people creating retros - It's building up the retro community. Some Hotel owners really annoy me though when they act like they're pro's when they're really.. really not. I have a feeling Sulake are going to take action at one point, I'm not saying that it's gonna happen any time soon I mean look, it took them ages to take down Aaron Marshall. This has been said before but I think this is a good idea. Habbo should make one hotel where people can make servers like Minecraft but it's completely legal; no lag etc. That would probably take a lot of development but it would be the right move to take.
  6. zMagenta

    zMagenta Posting Freak

    If they did this, they'll lose a shit ton of profit. I'm sure it's been said somewhen within the Sulake corp, but could you imagine if retros became free and released? They'd be no development anymore.
  7. Sysode

    Sysode Front-End Developer

    Well said Jamie. I don't play retros now nor do I have anything to do with them but I see where you are coming from. It's not right skids changing copyright thinking they are beast.

    However, saying that, there are still a few decent people like yourself that open a retro for a community. Eh guess we'll see how bad they get in a years time.
  8. zMagenta

    zMagenta Posting Freak

    Why thank you sir! That sums it all up. I've donated over £150+ to charities from my hotels, just purely because I don't want profit. I spend $3 a month here, and that's all.
  9. Wess

    Wess BYPASSING OVERRIDE Staff Member FindRetros Moderator

    Habbo Development died a long while ago, when they started asking money for it. As of now, if you create a Emulator, its either paid for or private development (take for example HabPlus). As of now, you see a release here and there, but nothing really open-source. I'm sure some people will start open-source development again for the community, however I don't think anytime soon.

    Also - before people start to go offtopic, if you want to discuss the state of Habbo Retro's taking over habbo.com/.nl (or w/e) - you can discuss that here: [ Want to see this link? Register ! ] - please make sure the things you post are related to the thread.
  10. Quackster

    Quackster Hackerman

    You think developers want to release stuff which hotel owners make money from and rename?

    All I was doing was fueling the scene with more people wanting to make money off my work.
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  11. CPTCunt

    CPTCunt Well-Known Member

    Now you know how sulake feels.

    The "Habbo" coding industry has fallen dramatically, if it's coders getting to old and moving on or Sulake catches up with them it's pretty good to say Habbo is coming to an end very slowly almost like the watching the second hand on a clock, noobs will come along and claim like you've said and so on but they will learn and every single person you've named above or missed out started out the same way. I started Retros when it was in old skool and it was so much fun there was not a coder out there making bucks unless it was from VIP now it's all about money and people getting greedy.
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  12. Quackster

    Quackster Hackerman

    Habbo in my opinion should have of released their client with a global login system, and therefore allow users to make their own server. The same concept of Minecraft.

    Not only does this allow users to create their own server (like how there is Bukkit and Vanilla server for Minecraft) but Sulake still makes money from the premium accounts bought for the client.
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  13. GohanSSJ

    GohanSSJ Ya.

    [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]

    Now that is something i can really agree with.

    Habbo should of at least give people the chance to prove what they are able to do so they might have better developers for in the future as well people who know what they are doing because if you see Habbo now you probably ask what in the hell are they doing.

    Habbo could use people as Aaron Shorty & Quackster and many others.

    Verstuurd van mijn GT-I9070 met Tapatalk
  14. SpAdEzMod

    SpAdEzMod New Member

    I agree... So many copyrights being removed.
  15. Most copyrights on good CMS are being removed - totally agreed. Its not good :mad:
  16. GohanSSJ

    GohanSSJ Ya.

    You can't really do anything about it so it s either getting used to kids who want to do that or just don't come here at all.

    Yes i don't like re-names and people who edit it and totally forget that this isn't made by them and just release it like that but it's probably how it's gonna be and we all would need yo get used to because nobody is able to change them anyway because they don't want to listen.

    Verstuurd van mijn GT-I9070 met Tapatalk
  17. zMagenta

    zMagenta Posting Freak


    My point proven in 2 screenshots.

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  18. Demonz

    Demonz Member

    Yifan Lu Released all his copyrights to the users.
    I forgot where i seen it but i seen it the other day.

    Something about him giving up PHP retro and him not developing it no more and that he left lots of exploits , Because he thought users were not gonna be as stupid and fix them.
  19. GohanSSJ

    GohanSSJ Ya.

    Well it's certainly pretty sad that he decided to just give up the development as the development was running pretty good , he could of been able to patch the exploits but unfortunately he didn't.
  20. Neytiri

    Neytiri New Member

    i heard Meth0d and yifan where contacted by Sulake to stop coding their Habbo CMS so i guess that was due to DMCA on them to.
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