Aug 2, 2015
Hello Devbest,

---> Been away from the retro scene for about 5 years and the last couple of weeks I have been setting up for a new retro project! It has come that time where I am looking for some positions and in the future will also be looking for other positions HOWEVER right now I am looking for only two different ones:

- PRO ROOM & WIRED BUILDERS | -- This position will be responsible for professionally setting up official rooms for this upcoming retro including; public rooms, event rooms, etc! This is an official position so I am looking for the best || 1 - 2 people for this position is what I am looking for, just for now!
- GRAPHIC DESIGNER | -- Once again this will be and is an official position, will be responsible for different types of graphics throughout the site, discord, social media! I myself am a graphic designer ( can see my previous posts for my portfolio work ) so I will expect some decent work out of you || Looking for 1 individual right now at the moment for this position!
---> If you think you have what it takes, have any interest at all in these two positions, or would like more information, feel free to contact me if some way, shape or form ! I will leave my Discord below because that will probably be the easiest, fastest, and best way to contact me!

Happy Sunday :)


--> Discord Zer0#0069

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