MyCoke/CokeMusic/CokeStudios - FULL SOURCE RELEASE


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Jan 5, 2024
Hi guys, I thought it would be a good idea to share here the files that I've come across that are VERY HARD TO FIND!
I don't know if there's any older folks here who played, but CokeStudios was a game made by Sulake similar to Habbo Hotel that was ran by Coca-Cola.
I have decided to release all the files I have related to MyCoke/CokeMusic/CokeStudios. I figured someone here could make use of it.
These files come directly from a group of people who have put in time towards the project including myself, Amy and Anton.
I would love to see a rebuild of CokeStudios, there is already something similar called CaveJam, but it's not the same.
This game brings back some childhood memories :D

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Download CS Files:


Mar 17, 2018
Coke Music was the best!!! I remember finding this hack for unlimited Tatamis and Rice Walls I think they were called- good old days.

Actually preferred it over Habbo but it didn’t last too long. This is a great release, would be epic to see someone make something of this.

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