My thread is locked for no reason?

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Dec 18, 2010
Ok, so I don't mind thread bumping as long as the bumped post is necessary and not just a useless post such as:
  • thanks for this
  • when will this be released?
  • any updates?
...and so on, so over the past 2 days I have decided to lock every single thread in the area that hasn't been posted in within the past 6 months. This means that any thread that hasn't had a post in it since February 2013 has been locked.

If you are the original thread creator of one of those threads that are locked and would like me to unlock it, simply PM me with the link of the thread and I will be happy to unlock it for you. If I do not see any activity such as updates, new posts etc going on within the thread, I will unhesitatingly close it without warning.

Sorry for any inconvenience or whatever.

Update 12/05/15: Due to the increasing number of developments being abandoned without notice, all dev threads with 2 months or more of inactivity from the original poster will be locked.
As always, if you are the OP and need the thread back open, PM @Wess and request for it to be done.
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