How to link your domain to a Habbo Retro


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This tutorial includes detailed step-by-step insturctions on how to link your domain to your VPS.
I will also link several providers and images that may help you with this.

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ClouDNS: [ To view this link you must register here. ]
Some domain providers may provide free DNS with your domain. Here is a few screenshots of where they maybe located for specific providers.

Domain List > '' > Advanced DNS

Dashboard > Domains > '' > DNS

Logical Host (same way as if any other company was using WHMCS)
My Domains > '' > DNS Management

I am not sure on other providers, but they may provide DNS. Simply search for 'DNS' on your Domain Page.

How do I use DNS to point my domain?
To point your domain to your VPS IP, you will need to create two DNS A points.
I will be using for an example during the tutorial.
You want to create TWO A Records
You want to do the following; A > www > yourip

You will want to do the same with a "@" record
A > @ > yourip

A Records should appear on all domain DNS providers, if not, I suggest contacting your provider enquiring about A Records.
I highly suggest using CloudFlare, its simple and easy to use and consists of no hassle at all.
If any of you encounter any sort of problems with this thread, please message me and I'll fix the errors in the thread.
It's very simple to point a domain, but due to high amount of threads asking how to do it, here you go.
(There is more than likely errors in this thread, but hey ho, we're all human right?)

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