HabboCMS for Arcturus ( Nitro )


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Jan 4, 2023

After some boredom i decided to make a clone of how Habbo Hotel was 10 years ago.
It will be a complete clone of Habbo.nl 2013
A lot of work has already been done but I've lost motivation a bit.
That's why i decided to ask what you guys think of this? Continue or not?
If i find the motivation here on devbest I will keep posting new updates every week.

But anyways check out the video or images and OPINIONS would help greatly! So let me know, thanks!

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Boredom, it vexes me.
Oct 30, 2011
Not sure why guys are acting like this design is surprising... way too many CMSs use it.
The question is, what's the point?

Some details on what resources you use such as frameworks, libraries, etc., would be nice.

Honestly, if you're asking if you should continue, you shouldn't.
The "market" is already flooded with CMSs, and truthfully not needed as any hotel that's going to last more than six months, uses their own.

If the goal is to code this for the sole purpose of releases, then it'd be a waste of time
If it's to learn, then sure, continue, but there are better, more productive ways to learn.

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