1. djjinn

    [Emulator + Nitro] Arceus Pack

    Arceus Pack What is it? The Arceus Pack consists of a clean and expandable code emulator, easy to edit, maintain, and update with enhancements in Nitro for the best possible habbo playing performance. I don't aim to replicate Habbo 1:1; I don't think that's ever been the purpose of retros...
  2. J

    TinkHotel - Habbo Project - 99% fidelity to Habbo.com

    https://www.habbo.pro What is about this project called TinkHotel? TinkHotel is a project to recreate Habbo Hotel, with a clarify head objective, be the most identical to the official Hotel. That's include get all features from the web and the client. It's a non-profit, for educational purposes...
  3. Hymage

    Some designs [Logos, banners and more]

    Hi there! I want to show you some of my designs :D You can see more content here or in my Facebook. Discord: hymage | Facebook: Hymage Oz
  4. K

    Trigger Repeat Wired bug

    Hey guys... this wired only partially works. When I use it it doesn't work. It only works when I use it the second time ... sry for my english
  5. A

    How to add a wired to hotel?

    I am asking that is there a any differences between Adding normal furniture and Wireds
  6. DVerse

    [WIREDS NOT WORKING] using plus emu r2

    hello, im using plus emu r2 and ive seen that all my wireds dont work. cant doubleklick it or something else. anyone know how to fix this problem? ive not found a fix in this forum or in google for my problem 10:55:08 - [ERROR] Exception: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the...
  7. Yorick

    Increase Repeater Delay [Wired, PlusEmu]

    Heey, Currently i'm working on a few wired that my Plus Emu is missing. the Repeater Long is one of those that are not in my PlusEmu and did not find the code for it any where so i started coding it my self. The hole thing works normaly and fine but the max delay it can have is 60 seconds...
  8. Yorick

    Creating Wired PlusEmu

    Heey, I'm working on getting the newest wired from Habbo in My Retro Hotel, i got all images and swfs and loaded them up in the catalogue. Now on buying like At Set Time i'm coding the hole Wired Code and all. You can place it and click it all fine... Only issue is that it will not work like i...
  9. Yorick

    Some Catalog Icons not loading!

    Heeey DevBest, I'm currently updating my Catalog From My Retro hotel. I was working on the wired and fixed them all so i got 90% of the Wired only in my catalogue having the issue now that the icons of the new furni isnt loading same as the swf.... No error in my Developers Console, but i...
  10. Rebel

    [Plus EMU - Any EMU] Dice Form Of Rigging [Patch]

    The Fix For Dice Stacking with Wire to rig! Once you open your source of your emulator in VS 1. Look for " RoomItemHandling.cs or RoomItemManager.cs " 2. Ctrl F or search for if (Item.GetBaseItem().InteractionType == InteractionType.ROLLER && ItemsOnTile.Count(x =>...
  11. A


  12. Alextruca2

    Problems with wireds

    Hello everyone, I am modifying an emulator and I would like to know from where you change the furnis that you can select a wired. It appears for example in the furni mutation effect a selection of 15 furnis, and there is a problem that in the condition of wired Trigger On Furniture Box only 5...
  13. Marko97

    [PLUS EMU] Super Wired: Give Diamonds [R2]

    Hello anyone, Today I will share with you my creation. A simple wired effect can send an amount of diamonds. The amount could be positive and negative. 1) Open your Emulator solution, go to HabboHotel\Items\Wired\Boxes\Effects and create a new class with this name: GiveDiamondsBox.cs and inside...
  14. Yorick

    New Wired!

    Dear people from DevBest! I have a small problem with my wired! I got new wired programmed in my EMU but i don't have it in my furniture database tab! I need to place wired_id and Behavoir data and i don't know how to get those from all new wired of Habbo Hotel! Does anyone now? Every help is...
  15. U

    BrainCMS - Random Wired Bug - PlusEmu

    Hey there, I post many threads in the last few days :/ All Wireds works perfect. The only Wired that doesn't work is the "Random Effect"-Wired. Can someone tell me how to fix that ?
  16. ZealousOtter

    [PlusEMU] Close Dice Wired (and more)

    Hey all. As title suggests, this is a new wired box to close dicemasters. Just like it sounds it will do this: First, we're going to want to add the CloseDice wired effect. Create a new file CloseDiceBox.cs in the /HabboHotel/Items/Wired/Boxes/Effects/ directory, and add the following...
  17. Bezza

    Wired not working

    My wired isn't working at all. Double click it and it won't do anything, 'wired_items' in the database is empty, not sure why. Any help or advice would be brilliant.