1. blk_Kyat

    [.Nitro+SWF] RuneScape Holo's - Blk_Kyat's Custom Furni

    Hello fellow bobbas! Ive been playing alot of OSRS latley and wanted to do something fun! Here are the protection prayers as holo's! Download links: ------------- Google drive ------------- .NITRO + SWF INCLUDED
  2. J

    SWF Error 403 (Clothing Error)

    Clothing not loading because i get error 403 on gordon folder. Before this error, clothing worked without problems. Sorry for my english, im spanish. Any solution?
  3. Mttgr

    How can I add clothes to the individual wardrobe? [Arcturus MS]

    I read tutorial https://devbest.com/threads/how-to-add-individual-clothes-plus-emu.88708/ made by @Bran. But apparently they are not working for the emulator I use at the moment. Can anyone shed some light on this issue of clothes in the individual wardrobe? Appreciate!
  4. deviantdebo

    Help please

    How to make a retro hotel at the moment. Preferably give full documentation (if available) or link to Github with all components (CMS, SWF, Emulators and so on )...
  5. Killer


    Good night! Does anyone have the ARCTURUS SWF download link? Pass me please. Where do I set up SWF links? Do you have a table in the DB? Or is it in the CMS?
  6. RobinLA

    SWF Problem

    Hey there, I have a little problem with my swf folder. When I try to go in my client it shows an error, that it couldn't found the swfs folder - but the path is correct.
  7. Explorzzz

    [I NEED THİS SWF] PRODUCTION-201812272209-984739530

    PRODUCTION-201812272209-984739530 I need this habbo.swf, I would be very happy if someone throws.
  8. mendozx

    [RARE] Leo Messi .swf

    I designed this for your Habbo retro :)like for more ^^ Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/0totzo2tohtj32x/LeoMessi_byMendozx.swf/file More furnis by me: https://www.furnibuilder.com/profile/1057/furniture/1 DISCORD Mendozx#2920 FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/victor.m.mendoza.75
  9. xSpycito


    Hello everyone, I'm looking for the Habbo Camera Working 100%, please if anyone can help me with this I'll be so thankful :)
  10. G

    How to solve the photo error of the room put the camera to work [SWF]

    The big camera, the normal camera is working, but the one to take a picture to put it in the living room does not see someone to help me
  11. M

    Furnibuilder.com - Create your own furniture with ease

    Hi there, To create your own furniture, go to furnibuilder.com. So you might know furnibuilder already, but I've never actually released it on here, You will have to create an account in order to make, share and download furniture. Dont worry, it's all free. Features - Add rotations (so you...
  12. Hunt

    How to remove descriptions the badges and furnis in your .swf

    Hello everyone, I'm going to help you today, how to remove descriptions of the badges and furnis of your .swf First, download the HabboUI Editor and extract it to your desktop. Then open the file HabboUI Editor, and rename your .swf to Habbo.swf, and select to begin editing...
  13. U

    How to change the selection box ?

    Hello, I'm looking for to change the selection box in habbo retro but I don't know how to do it. I already looked in the Habbo.swf but I didn't find a picture which looks like to the screenshot below. Thanks a lot if you can help me !
  14. Sparwarifr

    [Release] NEW Trophy Plates

    'cause I left the Habbo community a couple of months ago already, I'd like to share from time to time some of my resources to make the retros evolve into something visually better. It may be a little late with Flash coming to an end soon but I think it's still worth it, I have sooo many things...
  15. U

    Inventory Max Items > 3000 Crash

    Hi, I've a problem that i can't solve concerning inventory in PlusEMU: When I have more than 3000 items in my inventory I crash. I already looked at older posts on this problem but I don't find a solution which works. If someone could help me, thanks a lot !
  16. B

    External Override Errors??

    Hi all, I have been out of the Retro Development game for quite some time now (2 years+) and I am trying to create a hotel on my localhost machine. I have got everything working and the hotel loads to 100% including getting to the hotel view landing and the moderation tools popping up. Shortly...
  17. PlatinaPeter


    I am bizzy whit get a complete catalogue but i dont can't find this furni can anyone help me? :D * Chess set 2018 * Helloween 2017 Furni * Virus 2017 Furni * Iced & Pura 2016 * Valentine's 2016
  18. E

    Problem - Chocolately Captcha Registration

    Hi all! I'm using Chocolately Pack with his CMS and Database and Arcturus Emulator. All is fine, CMS works and Database too. The problem is that I can't registrate myself because the captcha doesn't work: even if I validate that I'm a HOOMAN, when I click to Continue, it brings me back on...
  19. AlexstyleRetro

    Camera CoreDev Bar

    Hi! in external_override_variables.txt i set "camera.enable = true" the camera does not check in the toolbar I use Pack CoreDev by Thiago ShazamiconSCREENSHOT CLICK HERE Shazamicon I deleted cache and restarted emu but nothing
  20. Rebel

    (Plus EMU) Completed Headers for PRODUCTION-201802201205-141713395 (Release)

    Production Release: PRODUCTION-201802201205-141713395 What Working Packet Id's does this include: This release contains packets for the Helper Tool, Nux, Recycler, Room Polls, Camera, Group Forums, JukeBox, Bonus Rare, Crafting. Go to your ClientPacketHeader.cs and replace it all...