1. L

    Nitro Imager doesn't work for me..

    Hey DevBest, A Mod cleared my conversation with @Object and @boz because he want the tutorial for its own. I did everything in my roleplay like in this tutorial thread --> DevBest Thread I tried it with reverse Proxy like in this tutorial. It doesn't work - so i tried it with a subdomain. I...
  2. L

    Retro Nitro Client stuck on connecting..

    I recently created a habbo retro with a VPS. It uses Arcturus as the emu. I encountered a problem where the Nitro client gets stuck on ''connecting'' when i try to enter the hotel. I've looked at different posts by people who seem to have the same problem as me, but none of the suggestions...
  3. T

    Problem with my holo, when a while goes by

    Hello, what happens is that in my holo ... everything loads perfectly and everything is fine but when a while the furni clothes etc. do not look, they look square and stop loading everything .. you help me, please, it would be great help, with a bug that has me crazy ... D: sorry for my English
  4. H

    PLUS Emu | Error after changes

    So, I've been stupid and making a lot of changes without saving or taking backups lately. Some of them being editing text in the catalogue (in MySQL), editing some of the flash_texts, adding a badge. I also did this (link to post), to try to fix the Wired. That is the last ting I did before I...
  5. N

    Theater Ramp Furniture Problem

    I have a problem with the ramp (room_thr15_ramp) in the public theater room. As you can see in the picture below I can't raise the ramp more then 4 steps, you should be able to raise it 7 steps, but I can't. Is there any fix for this? :(
  6. KiwiBerry

    [PYTHON] a draw bot/script for this site please.

    Hello programmers, I really need some help, if you can help please do. I'm requesting a drawing bot to paint any image I select it to. -----> BUT! I really need the bot to paint in color! The problem is the site only lets you use a limited RGB system. So you can only select a few colors...
  7. E

    Problem - Chocolately Captcha Registration

    Hi all! I'm using Chocolately Pack with his CMS and Database and Arcturus Emulator. All is fine, CMS works and Database too. The problem is that I can't registrate myself because the captcha doesn't work: even if I validate that I'm a HOOMAN, when I click to Continue, it brings me back on...
  8. AlexstyleRetro

    Camera CoreDev Bar

    Hi! in external_override_variables.txt i set "camera.enable = true" the camera does not check in the toolbar I use Pack CoreDev by Thiago ShazamiconSCREENSHOT CLICK HERE Shazamicon I deleted cache and restarted emu but nothing
  9. Kinney

    Clothes do not carry HELPPP

    The clothes in my hotel do not carry 100%, especially the custom clothes. It is necessary that the user select it, save it and return it to the hotel so that it appears. But only the user can see it loaded, the others see the user in that ghost. Could someone send me all the Habboon clothes...
  10. Lennon

    How can I give a badge with furni in r63b PlusEmu?

    Hello, I have an issue, so I want to give a badge with the furni you buy. The badge is shown next to the furni, but once you buy it you dont receive the badge On the picture you definetely can see the badge appear but when you buy that thing it wont give you the badge
  11. treebeard

    Trouble Adding Code For Diamond Exchange

    Hello everyone, I just edited my ItemUtility.cs and CreditFurniRedeemEvent.cs in PlusEMU R2 to try and add the ability to have a diamond exchange. Here is a link to the classes before I made any edits: Here is a link to the classes after I made my edits...
  12. U

    Client White Screen

    Hey devbest, My client will not work - it just show me white screen everytime. These are the errors which i can see via chrome console: Can somebody tell me exactly how i can fix these that i can go in my client without problems (whitescreen) ...
  13. DanielSlivinskiy

    Help [PLUSEMU]

    Hey When I create a room or I enter the room so I'm somewhere on the left side or hidden. I've tried to change the emulator, for example, YezzEmulaattoriin, but the same problem persists ... you know how I fix this problem? :) I use Build 2 Plus EMU PHOTO:
  14. U

    (HELP) Client doesn't work - reason: Flash ?? (HELP)

    Hello, This is mysterious.... 5 Hours ago, every user connect to the client without any problems. Now, NOBODY can connect to the client because it shows the flash player is disabled - but the flash player is enable!!! On Safari & Internet Explorer it works without any problems - but chrome...
  15. U

    PlusEmulator - Give command (and others) Not working

    Hi, my give command is bugging out and not working. Help would be appreciated :) GiveCommand.cs and CommandManager.cs both pasted to pastebin/TViUg23H Screenshot of Permissions_Commands in database Thanks :)
  16. B

    Group badge editor does not work. It's white.[plusemu]

    Help! I've tried everything, nothing works.
  17. Authentic

    Cooldown bug (Habbo Roleplay Shoot Command)

    Delete System32
  18. U


    Hey guys, I use the FluxRP CMS with the FluxRP Emu (PlusEmu). Everything is working fine when i use my server ip. If i want to use my proxy ip in the client.php the client loads till 76% and stuck. client.php: (CMS) "" : "proxyIP", "" : "proxyPORT"...
  19. U

    Problem while configure SSL (HTTPS)

    Hey there, I have a little problem. I install the SSL things in the server manager etc. and now i must configure it. But i can't configure two things because an error is pop up everytime. I tried everything i found in the internet - now i try it here if someone know the problem and can help me...
  20. C

    r63 trying to add new custom furni. ~Need some help

    Hello there i'm trying to learn more about the newer clients and want to add my own furni, however i honestly don't understand the furnidata.txt one bit could someone break down each part of it and explain it? This is just a random bit taken from furnidata i get the first bit "i" is furni type...