[PYTHON] a draw bot/script for this site please.


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Aug 24, 2018
Hello programmers,

I really need some help, if you can help please do.

I'm requesting a drawing bot to paint any image I select it to.
-----> BUT! I really need the bot to paint in color!

The problem is the site only lets you use a limited RGB system.
So you can only select a few colors with mouse. UNLESS YOU USE CHEAT ENGINE!.

If the bot could use a certain memory address[value] from Cheat Engine, for changing the pixel color of the brush to paint the right pixel color from the image that I want it to paint?

So basically use Cheat Engine to change the brush color for different pixel colors.

(so if the current pixel that needs to be placed to complete the whole image in the right color is white, it will use Cheat Engine to set value to FFFFFF, than place it. [Click] )

I can explain more if needed. I really need the help,

site name
doodletoo <--- My account is new & wont let me post links ;/ DoodleToo is the site name. It's a online drawing site.

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