plus emu

  1. RobinLA

    Degree of Protection (PlusEmu)

    Hello everyone, I have a little problem. I get the following error - it says, that "RoleplayUser.Client" cannot reach 'cause the degree of protection. But I don't understand why... Here's the error: And these are the codes: Habbo.cs public IWebSocketConnection WebSocketConnection {...
  2. K


    can someone help with this error? It happened when I tried to set homeroom, and now I get this error and homeroom can't be set.
  3. K


    Can someone help me with this problem? see picture of plusemu load
  4. RobinLA

    Plus Emulator - Websockets doesn't work

    Hello everyone, I try to explain my problem. I just try to setup a RP-Hotel, but the websockets doesn't work perfectly. Near the catalogue icon is another icon, when I click on it it's opening the "Gang"-Menu (Websockets) without any problems. (So the Websockets should work) But every...
  5. P

    [NEW COMMAND - PLUS] Pickup Item

    Hi! I've released a command to pickup all items on the room where this item is the same item the user clicked. e.g: I have 1000 thrones in the room but i only want remove all thrones (without use the command pickall), so i click 2x on the throne and remove all the thrones that I own.. Any ideia...
  6. Rjota

    Help with decorating floors

    I want to put the floors in the solid room and I'm not sure how to do it, is it an emulator or swf? Like this
  7. E

    HideWired command

    Does anyone know how to fix this?
  8. xXMufaisaXx

    BobbaRP V2 Sitting issue

    So ive encountered an issue messing with bobbarp v2. Some items i can sit on and all is fine. Other items if i sit on them, my avatar disappears. When its disappeared and i type, and it shows off to the side of screen(like i spawn off the map) or something. Any ideas?? 1587579966 Update: So i...
  9. Obscuuuu

    Searching for a c# developer

    Hi, I'm french and I'm opening my own hotel. I have little skill for editing emulator so I would like to find someone who good want or to be official developer of the hotel, or to help me and work with me for money (paypal) I'm searching someone who know edit plusemulator, creating commands, fix...
  10. BestDev

    [PLUS EMU] Help with an error.

    Hey so I'm new, and want to study or learn Habbo Server Development. I recently made an r63b retro and I had it running, I was just exploring things out and recently I tried to make room backgrounds/ads work and when I got to have it working, I reloaded the hotel, and then I got stuck on 76%...
  11. A

    Diamond timer PLUSemu r2

    Tried so many solutions on different posts her, without success. Can someone please help me?
  12. G

    How to add custom enable on my hotel [PLUS]

    Hello devbest community, I want to know how to add custom enable in my habbo holo who would be so kind to explain please , excuse my english i am of community spanish
  13. G

    [PLUS EMU] I need code of command :search_furni

    Please I need the code:search_furni of plus emu I speak Spanish, sorry my English thanks
  14. xBlack

    PLUS EMU Filter System I need.

    Hi All, Let Me Need Filter System For Plus Emulator. Can you help me? Note: I'm sorry for my bad english
  15. kaan3687501

    PLUS EMU Avatars not load in rooms.

    Catalog and profiles works fine. Avatars not load in rooms. Please help.
  16. Rehidden

    PlusEmu Build 2

    Hey, for some unknown reason, i dont know if im retarded or not, but i cannot find the latest download for build 2 swfs. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.
  17. Niloooo

    Client Redirects to "ME" page..

    Hi, my client is redirecting me to the /me page? It loads for like 2 sec and then it redirects.. I have no showing connections in the emulator.. Would love some help! (im using Plus Emulator)
  18. DVerse

    [WIREDS NOT WORKING] using plus emu r2

    hello, im using plus emu r2 and ive seen that all my wireds dont work. cant doubleklick it or something else. anyone know how to fix this problem? ive not found a fix in this forum or in google for my problem 10:55:08 - [ERROR] Exception: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the...
  19. Yorick

    Talent Tracker, ServppacketHeader ids get layout

    Heey guys, since in like no plusemu or any emulator the talent tracker is coded i have started my quest of programming it my self and i understand a lot of how i should do it and get it to work i just got 1 issue/question... Since all the needed classes/packetheaders where provided just not...
  20. DanielSlivinskiy

    Plus Emulator - Welcome Frank Bots

    Hello! I have a problem with Frank bots. Whenever I create a new room, 3 franc comes into my room. I have deleted the welcome frank file in emulator, because I do not want them to welcome bots hotel. Does anyone have any solutions on how to fix the problem without frank bots entering the room.