1. E

    Looking for Private EMU

    Hello, I'm willing to buy a private emu. Must be stable, up-to-date, and with nice and fun features. Habbo features and interactions working well. Wireds, Pets, Bots, Floor, all 100% ElMayor#9477
  2. Purewinter

    Local Gaming Repack (Multiple servers pre-setup ready to play) NOOB FRIENDLY //nitro/arcturus/customs/flash/shockwave/

    Local Gaming Repack Update: Added video tutorial for setup of arcturus, nitro, flash, ams and customs in under 2 mins for extreme noob friendly!!! Hey everyone, Hopefully this gives the community a little boost enabling newer users to get started easier. Used to play back in old school days...
  3. j0kers

    Counter don't stop in comet emu

    It works normally for counting but when we click to stop counting, it doesn't stop.
  4. A

    [HELP] All Furni's Teleport to one tile

    Hey! I have a very strange problem with my hotel. I tested my retrohotel on localhost on my own PC and everything worked fine in the client. But after throwing it & configuring it in my VPS I ran into a problem. The client works and everything inside the client works fine, except that all the...
  5. Wildwest

    Change Buttons in the Client

    Hi, i want to change the buttons in the picture below, it's an unicorn emulator R64A Hotel. German. Can someone help me with that? Where can i change/delete it? Thanks alot. Wild
  6. A

    [HELP] Comet Emulator Error

    Appreciate if someone can help me with this. 1585654257 [/SPOILER]
  7. N

    How to "Connect" a CMS with an EMU (in general)

    Hello Devbest, How does a Habbo CMS "pass" the logged "session" users information (username, coins....) to the emulator, so the user can access/log in the client and play? Could somebody explain that with an example (if possible)? Regards, Nero47
  8. S

    Cyclone - HTML5 Engine [TypeScript, Phaser, React, SocketIO, MultiDB]

    Since flash will be deprecated after 2020, it only makes sense to work towards an alternative... Cyclone is the complete HTML5 Habbo Engine it's focused on putting control right in your hands. The project has high standards and therefore we will work towards creating a sustainable and clean...
  9. Caderikor

    Recruiting Looking for skilled developers only!

    Hi, my name is Caderikor I'm a game developer and work as freelancer as a daily job. Im looking for somebody that can help me develop and construct a habbo hotel. I'm aware of the illegal part of habbo hotel so this will be a learning sector for us rather than have it open for the public...
  10. PlatinaPeter

    [HELP] Plus Emu [HELP]

    Does anyone have an idea how this comes about? Ojah a maybe someone has an emulator where wired, jukebox, soccer, horses work? An emulator based on Plus? Fixed :D:cool::cool:
  11. Z

    Enable effect will not go away after reload the room

    Hello dear devbest, I have a little problem.. If i enable a effect and reload the room, that will not go away. Info: Plus Emu Picture: Sry for my english, I'm from germany.
  12. E

    Problem - Chocolately Captcha Registration

    Hi all! I'm using Chocolately Pack with his CMS and Database and Arcturus Emulator. All is fine, CMS works and Database too. The problem is that I can't registrate myself because the captcha doesn't work: even if I validate that I'm a HOOMAN, when I click to Continue, it brings me back on...
  13. Platinum

    Colorful.Console - Style your C# console output!

    Hello! So I was recently curious if I could make my console all fancy with colours and gradients and I ended up finding a pretty neat website that everyone may not know about but would appreciate. http://colorfulconsole.com/ by Tom Akita shows many examples of what you may want for your own...
  14. D

    i need emulator development

    Hi DevBest, i need somebody who can edit the emulator because i need some help in the problem. Please contact me if you know the c# code and edit the emulator. :)
  15. U

    Building Blocks (Bug)

    Hey there, I have a little problem. I wanna use an customized Plus Emulator. But there are the building blocks buggy. So you can change the height but when you wanna put a block (where you change the height) on another block then the block disappears. I tried the same with another Plus Emulator...
  16. treebeard

    [PlusEMU] Trouble with roll and close dice commands

    Hello everyone, Title is pretty self-explanatory; I'm working on adding close and roll to my hotel but I get a stack overflow exception error when trying :close in the hotel. https://imgur.com/5izWdgx I added this to GameMap.cs public static bool TilesTouching(Point p1, Point p2) {...
  17. treebeard

    [PlusEMU] Trouble Adding New Exchange Furni

    Hello everyone! I was trying to add some custom goldbars to my hotel and for whatever reason when they are added into the hotel (catalog, furnidata, and the swf into hof_furni) they don't show up at all. Here are the query's and the furnidata that I'm adding: https://pastebin.com/SjngezUS...
  18. Noinselt

    I Need CMS+SWF+DB+EMU (Help Me)

    I Need Good CMS+SWF+DB+EMU Thanks.
  19. Alextruca2

    Problems with wireds

    Hello everyone, I am modifying an emulator and I would like to know from where you change the furnis that you can select a wired. It appears for example in the furni mutation effect a selection of 15 furnis, and there is a problem that in the condition of wired Trigger On Furniture Box only 5...
  20. U


    Hey there, I'm searching for a RP Emulator which is based on the latest PlusEmulator. This Emulator shouldn't be released! It must be stable and minimum have the normal RP functions... If it has many nice features i will pay more... You read correctly, i will pay for a RP Emulator (based on the...