1. N

    Cloudflare SSL & HTTPS Issue

    I connected my domain and server via Cloudflare to create Habbo retro, but there is such a problem. I can easily log in to the site with HTTP://, but it still gives a warning that it is not secure. When I log in with HTTPS://, it gives a security warning again and this time it takes me to the...
  2. A

    BrainCMS + Nitro + Arcturus not working on IIS + Sockets

    Hi there, Last week i switched over from flash to nitro and the process was kinda tidious. But i got everything working including the VPS + sockets + cloudflare + proxy's. 1) The problem i find now is that my furniture ain't loading, aswell as my characters in the client. I tried loads of...
  3. O

    Problem in Xampp NetStat TCP service stopped

    When I connect my server to Cloudflare, my Apache xampp server starts to randomize the ports and then displays the NetStat TCP service stopped error message. Please restart the control panel. Returned -1073741823. Does anyone know how to solve it? :(
  4. Laaino

    Retro Habbo Cloudflare Problem

    Hey guys! I have just set up everything for my retro hotel and connected it with cloudflare, but the problem is that when I trying to enter the hotel the client would not load. It just says error 404. What makes me confused is that my friend can join the hotel so I tested to enter the hotel on...