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    Habbo Dreams Mobile Game (Playable) + Other Found Files

    Ahh, I think I remember something about this. Thanks for the share !
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    Habbo Dreams Mobile Game (Playable) + Other Found Files

    Yeah, I wonder if that was the route they were taking? I forgot when MyCoke opened but maybe this was the initial blueprint for what became MyCoke? CokeMusic or MyCoke. Totally forget what the name was, haha. Also, I’m gonna do some more digging tonight. If I find some more cool stuff I’ll add...
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    Habbo Dreams Mobile Game (Playable) + Other Found Files

    I went down an Old School Habbo rabbit hole earlier and ended up stumbling upon something that I figured was lost forever and decided to post it here. I'm unsure who did the emulation of this, but it's 'unique' to say the least. So I figured I'd go ahead and post some of this on here I'm sure...
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    How do you make your already existing hotel(html5, Cosmic, Nitro) into an oldskool habbo hotel?

    ^ Yeah, Corelo sells a flash Client. But it doesn't look like what you posted. It's the more modern flash UI. The screenshot you posted looks to be the shockwave client probably around 2005ish. Those servers used files called CCTs which are very outdated, Nitro uses a conversion of SWF files...
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    How do you change the background when you're logged into the hotel (noob friendly) step by step if possible thanks!

    Like the above just said. If you're using Cosmic CMS and alter anything, make sure to go into housekeeping, in the top right click where is says "Welcome, %username%" and a drop down box will show. Click "Clear Cache".
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    How to remove 'to cosmic' button & change name and background

    The "To Cosmic" button does serve a purpose, it opens the flash client. Just because Flash is dead doesn't mean it isn't still being used. To answer your question, it's all located in your base.html file. "/hotel" = flash , "/hotel=beta" = Nitro. The Cosmic "logo" also isn't a logo, it's a...
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    Habbo old school "Mobiles revived II" re-created

    Nice, may use this as a room ad in the future if you're okay with that.
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    Arcturus MS MentionPlugin, PrizePlugin and SpecialLooks

    ^ The plugins are great, no issues. At first when I tested the "prize" command, I was confused on why the winner got kicked from the room (I sped read the instructions KEKW) but found the setting in the db (in case anyone else was wondering). And nice on the new plugin, looks like it'll come in use.
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    [Release] Custom Valentines clothing- and furniline

    Amazing (as always without failure)!
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    Arcturus MS MentionPlugin, PrizePlugin and SpecialLooks

    Nice release! I'll definitely check it out when I get some time and give my feedback :)
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    How does Habbo Retro works?

    Every played an old video game on a emulator? One I remember is "Dolphin Emu" that I believe emulated GameCube games. Kinda like that with extra steps. Generally, the actual information (furniture, clothing, assets, etc) is hosted on a server, then an emulator is coded that takes all that...
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    [Release] Custom Country Club Sofas / Fallout [SWF/Nitro]

    Thanks all! I really appreciate the feedback :) 1645310913 Thread updated, New Vegas sign added.
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    [Release] Custom Country Club Sofas / Fallout [SWF/Nitro]

    Hello, this is my first time releasing furniture in over 12 years, so I wanted to give it a go and release some custom stuff I made for my users. It's not perfect, actually was quite simply done. I was doing an entire Fallout Lore line, but ran into some issues with some of the items I was...
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    Expose yourself!

    Holy cow, I remember the "Expose Yourself" thread from Otaku circa 2007. Many memories in that thread (emo days). Here, here's me and the wife. (Taken December 2019)